Decrease risk and increase compliance levels at your site or facility with contractor management software. 

Paper-based contractor books systems are outdated and allow for no reporting. 

The data on the paper is dead data as you can’t access the information very easily. Many times you can’t even read the writing on the paper form as contractors signing-in are in a rush and you cannot read their handwriting.

This is where an electronic visitor management system like Sine Visitor Management Software can assist building managers and site managers to explain the risk of entry clearly to a contractor and to record their details accurately. With an iPad based visitor management system, contractors can enter their details on a touch screen kiosk designed for visitor management purposes and record their personal and corporate details and time of entry.

After these visitor details are taken, Sine can display WHS statements and procedures to the contractors and require them to acknowledge the terms of entry at a particular site. Fire evacuation diagrams, policies, and induction information can be displayed to the contractor to ensure they fully understand the site’s entry requirements.

Contractors can also choose to view the same entry information via a free mobile smartphone App called Sine and can answer and view the same entry process on the iPad. This saves time and allows multiple contractors to sign-in to a facility very quickly. When that same contractor leaves sites, they will be sent a message to their phone alerting them that they are leaving the site location and asking them to confirm that they are signing-out.

Sine contractor management software is ideal for the sign-in of high volumes of contractors on building and construction sites, office towers, schools and many other sites where contractors frequently visit the same site day after day.