If your visitors and contractors are repeat and frequent entrants to your company then you may find the same people re-entering their details at the front desk or contractor loading bay many times over. This is a familiar theme and one where your visitors could be kept waiting in a long line or as a group of visitors waiting to sign-in to a visitor book.

With this in mind, a visitor management system that utilises the web, tablets and mobile phones is ideally placed to check-in or register larger volumes of people as they arrive at your location. A smart phone with an App on it allows a visitor or busy contractor to quickly download the Sine App and register their details on their smart phone without having to touch the iPad.

This saves time and is a very efficient way to register guests. When the visitor uses their smart phone to check-in they are greeted with the same entry forms and questions as they would on the iPad – it is the same process and the guest can even alert the Host that they have arrived too from their smart phone.

Once a guest is checked-in on their smart phone, an electronic pass will be produced on their phone which they can can show to the front desk or security desk. An electronic record is also displayed on the web based dashboard that the front desk team can view.

If you are interested to find out more about mobile check-in for visitors, staff and contractors please feel free to contact the team at Sine Visitor Management for a free trial or online demo. Please contact sales or visit www.sine.co.