Here at Sine, we have been busy developing some fantastic new features based on your feedback.

Improved Pre-Registration
Outlook integration is here! Just copy in “[email protected]” to your calendar invites (Outlook, iCal, Google Cal) and Sine will automatically add your guest’s name to the front desk Activity.
Upload guest lists via CSV from the Admin or Host web portals. Email or mobile fields are now optional

Improved Forms
Larger Form layout on SinePoint – check out how the new Forms look here
Display long text and images – WHS, fire evac diagrams, inductions or company entry policies can now be displayed on SinePoint for iPad and Sine for mobile.
Split Forms – Ask visitors and contractors different questions within Forms.

Check-in forms

SMS Host and Visitor notifications
Hosts and Visitors can receive SMS notifications. Send them directly from the Admin Dashboard.

QR Scanning enhancements
Turn ON/OFF the location-based check for QR scanning. Useful in situations where location-based services are not required or do not operate consistently. Great for staff check-in and out at your business.

QR Scanning enhancements

Please update your SinePoint iPad and mobile Apps now to take advantage of these new features.

If you need help with any of these or other features please visit our Sine Support Centre. If you have further questions regarding Sine or features requests, please contact our customer success team and let’s talk.

Team Sine