Do you manage remote sites?

Building manager alerts for remote sites possible with Sine Contractor Management.

Are you a building or facilities manager looking after multiple and remote sites? Would you like higher visibility on whom has arrived at your sites for scheduled and unscheduled works or maintenance? An electronic visitor management system with notifications to your mobile or email when a contractor arrives maybe a good solution.

Imagine a situation where you are off-site and when a contractor arrives on-site, they sign-in via an iPad or their mobile phone and instantly you as the building manager are sent an alert via email, SMS or push notification to your own smartphone App identifying the contractor, their company, the purpose of visit and all induction information. This type of visitor management and contractor registration system would be ideal and save you time, effort and money in monitoring and checking the time and attendance of visitors and contractor to your manned or remote sites.

If the above scenario sounds applicable to your facilities management contracts then please contact Sine Visitor Management to discuss how our contractor management solutions could work for you and your clients. Contact us at to set up a free trial or an online demo.