Ditch the paper book!

Nothing looks worse than a old and scrappy paper book with all your visitor’s names on display. Start afresh in 2016 with a smart and sharp looking iPad at your front desk or just use Sine’s easy to use web software to check everyone in on arrival.

Ask your co-workers to pre-register their guests

Sine makes it super easy to pre-register guests at your business or site. Your co-workers, or “Hosts” as we call them, can simply copy in Sine to all calendar invites and front desk or security will know whom is coming in advance. When your pre-registered guests arrive, you will already know their names and you can professionally greet them with one click check in. This saves loads of time and makes your front desk look really slick and professional. This gives you more time to engage with your visitors and contractors to understand their purpose of visitor and their requirements. More eye contact and less stress “processing” everyone.

Go mobile for repeat visitors and contractors

Busy repeat visitors and contractors get frustrated when they continually come back to your business or site and have to fill out the same paperwork time after time. Ask these repeat guests to try Sine for mobile and they can just scan or tap in on arrival and departure. All they have to do is download Sine for iPhone or Android and register once for free.

Keep notes on what you hand out

Sine is super easy to add notes to each entry event. Add key numbers, access card ID numbers, VIP notes to each person’s profile each time they check-in. When they return, simply check them out ONLY after they have returned the property your provided to them.

Keep your iPad looking fresh and smart

Add logos, company website backgrounds and match your iPad look and feel to your businesses website. Add custom Forms to make the entry processes comply with your health and safety requirements.

Please feel free to reach out to the visitor management team here at Sine and we would be happy to share our experiences and tips for best practice, whether it be for front desk or contractor registration points. Try Sine for free or schedule a demo at sine.co and ditch the book! Your front desk will never be the same again and your time is too valuable waste on outdated process.