With Sine, you can make a great one.

‘You will never get a second chance to make a first impression’ is a saying usually heard within the context of our social lives, but the weight that it carries in a corporate or professional environment is equally significant. The experience they receive the first time someone walks into your reception area will make a lasting impression upon them; it goes without saying that you need that impression to be a positive one.

Imagine walking into a beautifully appointed reception area. The space looks impeccably professional, progressive and sharp. The friendly receptionist greets you warmly with a welcoming smile and gestures for you to pick up… a dog-eared, smudged and tatty visitor sign-in book that they want you to sign with a chewed-upon, plastic blue pen. That professional, progressive and sharp first impression just took a sharp turn south.

Instead, imagine you’ve walked into this same reception area that quietly, you are rather impressed with. The same professionally presented receptionist greets you with a welcoming smile. You’re then asked to sign in using a modern, innovative and elegant digital interface on a tablet. Much better!

Sine’s digital visitor management software works with you to create a positive and lasting first impression for your company. From providing your visitors with privacy and confidentiality, to promoting your brand and aiding in visitor safety, Sine can benefit your business in the following ways:

Company Branding

Sine’s software can be customised to display your logo and utilise your corporate colours, making it an extension of your brand. Embedded logos and slideshow backgrounds promote a professional and corporate image, influencing a positive initial visitor experience and further engaging your guests with your brand.

A simple and effective way of both showcasing and building trust in your company, Sine can help you to connect with your visitors in a way that a piece of paper simply cannot.

Peace of Mind

Sine provides your visitors with the peace of mind that comes with knowing their personal information, normally on public display when using a paper sign-in book, is completely private and confidential. Unlike sign-in books, our digital visitor management system keeps your visitor’s private information private, whilst still capturing the core information that you need so that you know exactly who is on your premises at any given time.

This peace of mind extends to your team as well, as they are able to quickly identify visitors via their personalised photo-ID badge, printed off for every guest who signs in.

With its stylish design and ability to provide privacy for your visitors, Sine gives anyone visiting your workplace an elegant, secure and professional sign-in experience. Enhancing both front desk productivity and your team’s ability to identify who is on the premises at any given time, Sine will improve the security and the satisfaction of both your team and those who are visiting them.

Safety Focussed

Prior to admitting any visitor or contractor, your company has an obligation and a duty of care to ensure they are aware of any potential hazards within your workplace. They also need to know about your emergency evacuation procedures and assembly points.

Using fixed imagery and highlighted text, Sine’s visitor management software enables you to communicate safety procedures, guidelines and information to all of your visitors easily and effectively.

Sine can also facilitate communication between you and your visitors by utilising instant in-app messaging. You will have real-time visibility of all contractors and visitors to your workplace, with the advanced ability to send alerts and messages via SMS, email or the Sine smart-phone app.

These advanced features, available at the click of a button, help you to promote a safe environment for your visitors, thus optimising their experience and fulfilling your duty of care.

– – – – –

We all know how important first impressions are; Sine will ensure your company makes one that is professional, progressive and sharp. Your branded greeting, the peace of mind that comes from knowing their private information is confidential and secure and your commitment to making sure their visit is as safe and productive as possible are all aspects of Sine’s system that will impress your visitors.

Sine enables your business to make a great first impression, so ditch the sheet and begin using Sine today!