Some things are always going to require paper. Tissues, for instance, aren’t likely to get blown away anytime soon. Other things have a reduced reliance on their hard-copy mediums; newspapers remain available in their paper-based forms but have also transitioned significantly towards a digital format. Certain things however, are ready to be completely paper-free; paper-based sign-in systems are antiquated, expensive and time-consuming whilst their digital counterpart is modern, efficient and accessible.

Juxtapose the cons of a paper-based sign-in system with the pros of a digital one and the advantages become overwhelmingly obvious.

  • Paper-based sign-in con: The information collected can be rendered useless by illegibility or inaccuracies and the eventual manual entry of the information into digital format is double handling which wastes valuable time.
  • Digital visitor sign-in pro: Information collected at sign-in is set by fields requesting specific information with visitors unable to skip or omit details that are essential. Drop-down fields can be used to prevent inaccuracies where appropriate and the data is automatically stored without the need for double handling or in fact, any handling by your staff at all.
  • Paper-based sign-in con: Storing paper-based documentation and sign-in lists is cumbersome and expensive. Filling cabinets take up valuable real estate in your office and the archiving costs you incur when it comes to storing the original documentation for obligatory retention periods is significant. When access to the paperwork is required, retrieval is time-consuming and requires physical access to the location of the files.
  • Digital visitor sign-in pro: No physical storage space is required. Information is stored digitally and can be quickly and easily accessed and brought to life remotely via the cloud at any time day or night, no matter where you are.
  • Paper-based sign-in con:  The security of your visitor’s information is at risk with a paper-based sign-in system, which is easily viewed by anyone with access to your front-desk area. Names, contact information and other pertinent details are all on display with no protection from prying eyes, making that information vulnerable.
  • Digital visitor sign-in pro: As soon as your guests or contractors enter their details into the system using the sleek iPad on your front desk or their very own smart-phone, their personal information is securely stored digitally. This means that no one other than those with the authority to do so are able to access it, including anyone else coming into your front desk area. This added security would be both noticed and appreciated by your guests.

Digital visitor sign-in pro’s: With digital visitor sign-in software you will have an automatic audit trail, making your data easily accessible and able to be managed in such a way as to get out the information you need quickly and efficiently. You will be able to provide a better level of customer service and significantly reduce the chance of losing important documentation. Environmentally friendly, your front desk will look smarter, less cluttered and more professional and your reporting efficiency will be noticeably boosted. You will capture better, more accurate information, thereby improving workflow and business processes and increasing efficiency and reducing compliance issues. Finally, you will have the immediate ability to see and contact all guests on your premises at any given time, making safety procedures such as an evacuation far more efficient and safe for everyone involved.

Sine’s digital visitor management software can help you to significantly improve your sign-in procedures when you make the decision to move to a paperless sign-in system for your front desk. Talk to us today about trailing our system for free to see how much better your front desk can be.