The impression a visitor has of your business starts well before you walk out to meet them at reception; it starts when they walk through the door. How your reception area looks, how they are greeted and the sign-in process they undertake all go towards building their relationship with you before you even get to shake their hand. Needless to say, you want that impression to be a good one so they remain enthusiastic about working with you, rather than being driven off into the arms of your competitors with a less than impressive first impression.

Sine’s digital visitor management system helps you to provide your visitors, suppliers, contractors, staff and anyone else that comes to see you, with that positive first impression, ensuring they are welcomed with finesse, warmth, efficiency and safety in mind. One of the key elements of this welcome is the sign-in form you use, which can be customised by you to suit both your business’,  your visitor’s needs and the sector you operate in.

There are several important questions to ask when creating a sign-in form for your business:

  • Does this form make it easier for visitors to sign in?
  • Does this form have all of the information we need?
  • Does the form cover safety and compliance issues?
  • Does the form suit the type of sector we are in?
  • Do I have different types of visitors coming to see us? i.e. Visitors, contractors, staff, couriers, students etc?

With these questions in mind, here are some tips and solutions to making your sign-in process easy to use and relevant to your various visitor types coming to your physical locations.

Here are our top five tips on creating the perfect visitor sign-in form for your business:

1. Simplify your sign-in form

Make your form as simple and as direct as possible. Time is precious and your visitors do not want to feel as though they are wasting theirs by providing unnecessary information. Be succinct with the information you request.

2. Neatly organise your sign-in form’s labels and fields

Avoid confusion when it comes to the information you require from your visitors. Clearly labelled fields are an absolute must and organisation is key. Make sure your form flows, with related fields located next to each other in a logical sequence. Sine allows you to use smart fields to capture your visitor information efficiently. These types of fields include the below and can be set to mandatory or optional. Fields can also be set to be pre-filled next time the visitor returns or required to be completed each time. Smart fields include:

  • YES/NO
  • Multi-choice questions
  • Fixed Text
  • Image upload
  • Signature capture
  • Block text

3. Educate
Make sure that your visitors have access to the information they require. Include copies of any documents relevant to your visitor including any policies and procedures they may need to be aware of, what to do in the case of an emergency or any other pieces of information that every visitor needs to know. Remember site safety is key and your sign-in form should address all aspects of your safety policies. Try to keep these documents and statements short and too the point. Remember busy visitors and contractors won’t read “war and peace” but will take into the key facts if you present them succintly .

4. Hone in on visitor types
With Sine, your visitors can select the type of visitor they are, i.e. a contractor, courier, staff. By categorising your visitors you can then ask them specific questions that are relevant only to them, such as, “what is your contractor number?” or whether they require access to a restricted area. This is very important as Sine allows you to display the relevant information to the relevant visitor type within the one check-in system. Couriers and staff can be fast tracked, students asked different questions to visitors etc. Sine’s custom visitor types give you complete flexibility.

5. Don’t forget the sign-out form
I know we were talking about creating the perfect sign-in form for your business, but with Sine you can also create a sign-out form and without it, your sign-in process is only half done. You can use the sign-out form to remind visitors to return keys, report any incidents which may have occurred during their visit or event to check that staff members have locked the doors on their way out.

Don’t forget all the data you capture on your sign in and sign out forms can be displayed to each Host on entry, so your Hosts or site managers can see the form responses real-time as a visitor checks-in. This real time approach is ideal for the approval or rejection of sign in forms in the case of special permits for contractors. Learn more here.

If you need any assistance with setting up your sign-in or sign-out forms, or if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help. Click here to head to the support page on our website.