Do you remember clearly a conversation you had a week ago? How about a document you read last month? No? A brief from a year ago? We are now in the digital age; a time when communications happen quickly and our attention spans are short. Unless it was a very special conversation, a momentous document or a brief that was very close to our heart, there is little chance any of us would remember accurately any information we were provided with 12 months ago. So why do we do something as important as a safety induction only once a year?

Site conditions can change often and quickly, with new hazards and new circumstances unraveling every day. Historically, safety inductions were time-consuming and logistically complex, and involved environments that were somewhat simpler; it made sense to conduct our safety inductions on an annual basis. The digital age however, has removed these impediments, and the modern worksite is far more technical and advanced; it is imperative that we adjust our thoughts and recognise that our induction processes are no longer sufficient and that conducting an safety induction on an annual basis no longer makes sense.

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Sine’s digital visitor management system allows you to conduct safety inductions with your workers each and every time they sign in for work. As dynamic as the physical environment in which you are operating, Sine can provide your workers with updated and relevant warnings, cautions and information, helping to ensure their safety and assisting you to comply with the work health and safety legislation in your state.

When a worker leaves your site, Sine can also present them with an exit form for them to complete, ensuring they report any changed circumstances that may have occurred that day. You can then edit and instantly upload both your entry and exit forms with Sine, keeping your workforce informed with the most up-to-date site conditions available.

Annual inductions are in no way an effective means of ensuring your workforce is safe or that you, as an officer of the business, are meeting your obligations to provide a safe and secure work environment for your workers. This is a problem. Ongoing and dynamic safety inductions with regularly updated information provided to your workers every time they arrive on site is the solution. Sine has the software to deliver you that solution.

Sine also integrates with a range of corporate pre-qualification , compliance and online training systems to increase site safety even further. Contact us to discuss these integrations and recommended partners for even higher levels of site safety.

Please feel free to comment on this topic and join the debate. Our goal is to try to make your site safer and feedback is always welcome.