Increasingly, businesses are moving into a new, more flexible modus operandi when it comes to how their employees work. Open office plans, multi-office locations, hot-desking and non-traditional office hours are all features being adopted by modern offices in order to provide a happier and more productive work environment for their staff.

This increased flexibility, however, also means that in larger offices, not every face is expected to be a familiar one. As a result, it can be far easier for an intruder to make their way into your workspace undetected. These risks may be mediated by the use of keycards and access codes however, these measures can also be easily circumvented.

Consider how simple it would be for a person to pass through a ‘secure’ access point during a peak access time when multiple personnel is entering and exiting, the door being held open for the convenience of the next person walking through.

You need to know who is being let onto your premises and your employees need to know that they can easily identify whether someone is meant to be there. Sine can give both you and your staff these assurances.

The Sine Pro app enables you to verify every team member, contractor, and visitor that accesses your office, providing mobile and email verification before they are able to use the app to enter your workplace. So, how does it do this?

Once the app has been downloaded, users are able to sign up to Sine Pro for free. The first step of this process asks them to enter in their details including their first and last name, mobile number, and email address. A five-digit verification PIN is then sent to the mobile number that has been provided, which will need to be entered into the app for the user to continue. Users will then be presented with the ability to verify their email address also.

Once users have completed their initial sign-up to the Sine Pro app, the sign-in process when they arrive at your office is fast and simple, yet comprehensive. Sine will collect each visitor’s details and can even obtain photo identification of your visitor on the day. Once this is done, Sine’s digital visitor management system will provide the user with a printed identification badge that includes their photo ID, highlight their name, their status as a visitor or staff member, and the date for which their access has been granted.

This sign-in process provides your staff with the ability to determine quickly and easily if a person is authorized to access your workspace, thereby increasing workplace security and reducing the risk of unauthorized persons accessing valuable business information.

Want to learn more about how Sine can improve the efficiency, productivity, and security of your office? Have a chat with us today. Full details on mobile verification are here.