Throughout the ongoing technological revolution, we’ve seen it; the extinction of roles and responsibilities slain by the hand of technological advancement. But is that really the best way forward when it comes to the role of the receptionist?

It’s no secret that virtual receptionists and visitor management systems have automated many of the tasks that were previously central to the traditional role of the receptionist; does that mean that the role of the receptionist is now of lesser value or, worse still, defunct? Far from it!

The astute organisation recognises that, just as many other roles have grown, developed, and evolved, so too has the role of receptionist. This evolution has resulted in the role consisting less of the manual greeting of guests and notifying hosts of their arrival, and more of tasks that make even better use of the receptionist’s important and pivotal position at the front of house.

But what is more important that greeting your guests and ensuring that the person they’re here to see is aware of their arrival?

How about making your guests feel truly welcomed by having the time to engage and converse with them, rather than having to rush off to notify you of their arrival, or to be available to take down the details of the next person who walks through the door?

How about having the time to utilise their networking skills along with some savvy research techniques to make them true brand ambassadors who are dedicated to making an excellent and lasting impression on your guests by providing background information and being able to answer any initial questions being asked of them?

What if instead, they spent their time forming personal business relationships with both colleagues and guests and, with the knowledge that comes with these relationships, more effectively managed and assisted with the administrative needs of all involved?

There are a multitude of other value-adding services your receptionist could offer that are far more valuable than simply being the conduit that informs you of the arrival of a guest. They will have the time and the space to enhance your day-to-day operations whilst remaining the face of your business and linking your clients and visitors with your employees on a much deeper and more valuable level.

Sine is not here to replace your receptionist. Rather, Sine is here to give your receptionist the support they need to step up in their role, to add greater value to your business, and to help you to rethink and progress your front of house function; driving evolution, as opposed to driving extinction.