Schools are a safe haven for children. It’s a place where they learn, interact, and develop lifelong skills. It’s also were they spend a vast majority of their early lives, and having access to a safe environment to learn in is a vital part of encouraging positive and ongoing development.

Creating a safe learning environment is a top priority for any school, and while many schools have a mission that describes what their vision of a safe school is, the importance lies in implementing tools that put this vision into practice.  As a result, many schools are looking for something more than a paper and pencil login sheet. Reporting can be tedious, information can go missing, but most importantly – how can you truly monitor who is on your school property at any given time? As technologies have advanced, so too have the many automated safety measures available, providing new solutions to old problems. That’s where Sine comes in.

Sine is a visitor management software system that has design features that keep school and student safety front of mind. It is the hall pass system that you need to track visitors, contractors, and even teachers and students, and is automated in real time.

Here are six features that highlight why Sine is the right visitor management system for your school:

  1. Verification checks – the education sector regularly improves the measures by which clearances are obtained before access can be gained to a school’s location. With Sine, entry forms can be set to ask visitors about the necessary clearances they require before they are authorised to be on school property.
  2. Photo ID – for enhanced security, the SinePoint Pro iPad App can capture your visitor’s photo at sign in. Visitor passes can then be printed with the photo ID so that you can always know someone is who they say they are.
  3. Arrival alerts – teachers or school staff that are expecting visitors can be anywhere on the site at any given time. This can make it difficult for office staff to track them down. Upon sign in, staff with invited guests will be notified of their arrival via a message to their smart phone, ensuring they are informed of their guest’s arrival no matter where they are.
  4. Real time know how – using the Sine dashboard, users can have real time access to see who is on your site, when they arrived, and how long they have been present.
  5. Evacuation management – in the event of an emergency, instant messaging can be activated to alert those on site. Activated through the Sine Pro app via push notifications, SMS, or email, these alerts can provide instructions on how to proceed in the case of an evacuation. A full list of active visitors on site can also be generated with the click of a button to assist with evacuation management and personnel and guest accountability.
  6. Reporting – no one likes doing it, but everyone knows how important it is. Reporting can be generated easily and automatically, providing information about onsite visitors at any given time, ensuring you are always aware of who is on school property and when.

Contact us today for a free trial to find out how Sine can offer you a hall pass that provides a safety net for your school. Offering peace of mind for you, your school, your students, and their families.