Forms. Having spent decades filling up filing cabinets, they have long been the crux of lengthy paper-driven processes. Visitors and contractors upon arrival at a site undertake the seemingly endless detailed information or sign-off on checks and permissions before being able to begin. No one enjoys them, but everyone knows they are important.

The electronic age was set to revolutionise the way we used paper in the workplace, bringing with it the concept of the ‘paperless office’. Ironically, our paper usage has instead increased, with statistics showing that in the US alone there has been a 126% growth in paper usage in the 20 years prior to 2014*.

With this increase, the inefficiencies of these paper-based routines have continued. Offices become overwhelmed by the need to organise and contain space for vital documents. Time restraints grow, as administrative requirements escalate. Paper wastage, protocols for destroying classified information, and never-ending removal of excess continue to impact on the environment. 

Imagine a solution then, that not only provides a user-friendly experience with greater efficiencies and safety coverage for your organisations but also places less strain on the environment. Sine offers this solution through its exit and entry forms, a feature that allows you to set custom questions or checks as part of the checking-in process.

Using this feature via the SinePoint Pro iPad or on the Sine Point Pro mobile app, visitors can answer customised questions, adding more depth to the information you require to properly identify your guests when they arrive and use Sine to check-in.

To get you started, here are just some of the intelligent solutions that Sine has built into the exit and entry form feature to make them work for you.

User friendly

Forms can be tailored with a range of response types, including multiple-choice, numerical response, and signature. Responses can be set to ‘required’, preventing guests from checking in unless a valid response is given. You can also display important information, via text and images, within the form that doesn’t require a response.


Create different forms for different guest types. By selecting the guest type feature at the beginning of the check-in process, forms appear based on who the user is. Ask contractors about their contractor ID, or ask staff how many hours they are scheduled to work that day.

End to end

Forms can be presented at both check-in and check-out. Presenting forms at check-in is great for recording ID numbers, streamlining inductions, and providing instructions. Likewise, presenting forms at check-out is useful for reminding guests to return keys, requesting notes for any incidents that occurred, or reminding staff to lock doors on their way out.

Well recorded

With an electronic record comes electronic filing. Store compliance documents on your network, and have peace-of-mind that you can access reports and retrieve usage information through the Sine software system quickly, easily, and from wherever you happen to be.

Like what you see? Found the solutions you are looking for as you seek out environmentally friendly solutions for your office and organisation processes? Then speak with us today. Be the change, for both your business, and for the environment.