Sine has released a new update with a focus on reporting and Hosts by visitor type. Reports have been improved to provide your team with greater insights per visitor type and check-in device, and now reveal other core metrics such as rejected and auto expired passes across your Sites. Hosts can now be set by visitor type, making staff check-in even easier by allowing Staff to bypass Hosts. Host approvals can also be set per visitor type, ideal for higher risk activities such as special permit requests by contractors.

We’ve put together a quick video highlighting these changes or, if you prefer, you can read all about the new update below.

Reporting insights

Reporting insights

Sine Reporting now provides extensive insights by visitor type, check-in methods and exceptions such as rejections and auto expired passes. Get more from your Sine system and understand the core insights into the check-in data across one site or multiple Sites. To learn more about how reporting works, check out our help desk article here.

Easy Staff check-in 

Easy staff check-in

Administrators have been given extra control over their Host notifications. You can now chose which visitors will be required to select a Host upon check-in. This means that you can uncheck visitors that do not require host approval, like your Staff, while still ensuring that visitors or contractors still require Host notification.

Host approvals by visitor type – Special permits for contractors 

Host approvals

Host approvals can also now be allocated by visitor type. This means visitor type entries such as a “special permit” or “high risk work” requests can be set to only allow check-in once the Host has approved. For example, at the one Site, you can set varying visitor types by; no Host, with Host notification or with Host Approval. This is a very dynamic set of workflows that can be configured at your Site.

To learn more about how Sine can help you with your special approvals needs, see our help desk article.

Further enhancements

Further enhancements

In addition to the major features mentioned above, Sine has also made a few changes to the layout of the Reports dashboard.

  • Exporting is now listed as a tab, in between email reports and sites. It now has its own single page layout.
  • Email reports has been altered with minor UI changes.
  • Site list has a new page, with no changes.