There are the tasks that make our jobs rewarding and exciting – the core of what we do; the reason for our heading into work every day; the ‘why’ behind our chosen career. But we also know that we have to take the bad along with the good and when it comes to our day-to-day existence at work, this quite often comes in the form of the mundane and repetitive tasks that need to be done in order for us to do the bigger and better things. To do this we need workplace automation. 

This balance between passion and mundanity is juggled on a daily basis by people across all industries and career paths, and whilst we can’t ever eliminate it completely (without eliminating humans from the workplace at least), we can try to reduce its impact and create more time in our days for the more important and skillful work that we do by introducing workplace automation.

In a study recently commissioned by Google, it has been postulated that machines will, over the next 15 years, relieve the average Australian of around two hours of the most tedious work every week. Here at Sine, this is something that we are completely on board with!

Seven ways to automate your workplace and eliminate mundane tasks

And here is where we get to the best part. Google is postulating 15 years, but here at Sine we are already ready and waiting to help. As such we have compiled a list of seven ways in which Sine’s visitor management technology can help relieve both your front and back office from the mundane and repetitive tasks that need to be done:

1. Receiving visitors and notifying hosts

While receiving visitors is an important function, it is no longer one that has to interrupt your front of house team. Guests, couriers, clients, contractors – these are just the base range of visitors you can check-in using Sine’s visitor management system. More importantly, every experience can be tailored to the kind of visitor they are. Hosts, or recipients of delivery, will be automatically notified that someone is at reception for them, meaning your receptionist can continue on with the multitude of other important tasks that they need to get through in their day.

2. Distributing important information

From non-disclosure agreements for contractors to safety briefs for tradespeople, there is a myriad of documents that visitors to your workplace or site may be required to view and/or sign.

Upon check-in, and according to their visitor category, Sine can ensure your visitors are presented with any documentation they are required to see, without an employee having to lift a finger. Once your guest has acknowledged viewing the document, this is automatically filed against their profile within your system and a copy is made available to them via the Sine smartphone app, which is free for your visitors to download.

3. Printing visitor and contractor badges

From a safety point of view, it is important for your team to be able to easily identify any guests on site. When your visitors check-in using Sine’s visitor management, the system can automatically print an ID badge for your guest, including their photo and the date of their attendance on site, ensuring they are easily identifiable.

4. Live messaging to all on site to encourage workplace automation 

There may be an emergency situation at your workplace, or you may simply have a need to communicate a message with everyone on site – with Sine, you can do this quickly, easily, and efficiently. No running around, no trying to locate the names and contact details of everyone who is currently on site – Sine’s system lets you email or instant message your team and visitors at the click of a button.

5. Scan and track feature for physical asset management

Keys, tools, access cards, and other physical assets are items that are frequently checked in and out on a worksite. Rather than having someone stop their day in order to take the time to note down each and every asset in a dog-eared book, Sine allows you to tag such assets with a QR code so that authorised personnel can check them out by simply scanning the code into the visitors profile.

If an asset hasn’t been re-checked prior to the team member leaving the site for the day, a simple search in the Sine dashboard will allow you to track who checked it out. No more loss of assets and additional costs!

6. Tracking site attendance and time spent

Your back office probably spends a lot of valuable time on administration. Why have them do any more of it than is necessary? Sine can automatically track site attendance and the time your contractors spend on site, and will then present the information to you in an easy-to-read report encouraging workplace automation.

7. Easy reporting across single and multiple sites

Speaking of reporting, one of the single biggest drains on time in a workplace can be the hours spent inputting data and preparing reports. With Sine, the data is already in the system and reports – although easy to prepare – can even be auto-generated and sent to your inbox ready to be read at the end of each day.

Close of business reports? Exception reports designed to highlight any potential compliance issues? They’re all readily available and, once set up, won’t take a lick of time prepare.

Sine offers a free 30-day trial to show you how workplace automation can change the way you manage your workplaces – why not contact us today to see how much more efficient your workplace could be with Sine taking on the load of the mundane.