Whilst remote sites are essential to the operational capabilities of many businesses, running them can present a number of challenges. Maintaining personnel on site in order to facilitate the check-in and exit procedures of other staff and contractors, as well as having them present for other requests that might be made in order for the visitors to perform their roles, is one such challenge and is a cost that many businesses endure.

But is it really necessary? Sine’s digital visitor management technology makes it possible to manage some remote sites, well, remotely. The free to download mobile app allows for site visitors to check-in without the need to have someone else physically present at the location to facilitate their arrival. Scott Lung from Stockland has found this to be especially true within his role as Facilities Manager of a large, diverse, property section. He states:

Sine has been instrumental in the way we manage contractors across our Office, Logistics & Business Parks portfolio at Stockland. It is a simple but effective tool that we utilise to manage assets remotely to improve risk management, whilst providing us with the visibility over the visitors and contractors we have on site at any time and a reporting function that gives us transparency over maintenance activities carried out across our assets.

By utilising QR codes at your remote site, or site geo-fencing, you can allow contractors to scan in and out with the Sine mobile app upon their arrival and departure – no staff members and no iPads required. Each time a contractor arrives at your remote site your site manager will receive an alert letting them know who is at attendance and where. From there, Sine can be utilised to:

Track contractor time and attendance

Sine will automatically keep a record of each contractor’s check-in and sign-out times whenever they are on site, giving you the ability to easily track their attendance, making HR reporting a dream.

Run site inductions

Visitor types can be utilised to provide customised inductions for contractors on site, which they can access using their smartphone. Visitors to the site must acknowledge they have read and understood the material provided before they can finalise their check-in to your site and once completed, this acknowledgement is automatically recorded against their profile in the system. Induction materials can then be saved to the visitor’s smartphone, allowing them to access the information at any time.

Track physical assets

Visitors to your site may require access to certain tools or keys. The distribution of these assets can be handled remotely by again utilising Sine’s QR code capabilities. Simply tag an asset with a QR code to enable remote contractors to sign out a tool or key for their use for the required period of time. The asset will then be recorded against the contractors profile and will remain their responsibility until the asset is signed back in upon its return. If Sine’s geofencing feature is utilised, Sine will also remind the contractor to return the asset if it looks like they are leaving the site without doing so.

Although not every remote site will be able to operate in such a way, Sine’s suite of features have been designed to ensure that wherever possible, remote sites can function economically and effectively without the requirement for personnel.

Chat to us today and find out more about how Sine can help you to run your remote sites effectively, efficiently, and affordably.