Commercial property management has changed a great deal over time. Previously focused solely on basic building maintenance, the role has evolved into something far more multifaceted. Whilst priority is still given to reducing, removing or avoiding risk at the facilities being managed, other aspects of property management are now in high demand. Managers are now being asked to expand their roles by ensuring properties are up to date with the latest technologies, have green certifications, and are running at peak efficiency.

Beyond the physical environment, we know that a successful building manager centres their role around one thing – the people within their building. Providing safety and security for the personnel operating within their environments plays an important role in both long term wellbeing and staff retention. Using new technologies to implement systems that find the balance between automation and human touch is key to a commercial property managers success.

What are the 5 key issues to consider when finding the balance between managing a commercial facility and the personnel within? And, of course, how can Sine help?

1. Building access

Access control provides facilities managers with the ability to keep their sites safe and secure by controlling the movement of people accessing the building or site. Traditionally, access control has been managed using paper-based systems however, with increased demands on security, finding the right software management system to do this seamlessly is vital.

Managing your check-in using the SinePoint Pro iPad offers a seamless arrival process not dependant upon a member of your security team being present and available. It also ensures that access to your building, level of supervision, and security/induction checks can be determined by specified visitor types. The privacy of your visitors is maintained, with access to the information provided accessible only by authorised individuals. Lastly, repeat visitors have access to quick return check-in, streamlining the check-in process, and all available as part of Sines digital visitor management software. 

2. Internal access control

Access control doesn’t just stop at the front door. Many sites have secure areas that can only be accessed by certain personnel, or which require the completion of specific documentation in order to gain access. Having the right software and management systems in place to assist with monitoring who can go where, who has what access cards, and tracking compliance along the way, is essential.

Sine offers tracking for access control keys and cards with a QR scanner. Our geo-fence feature sends reminders to visitors that use the free SinePro app that they have left the site, and check-out forms can be set to let them know they need to return all access keys. Sine can also ensure that any required documentation is viewed, acknowledged, and signed prior to a visitor gaining access to your site.

3. Security

Heightened security is a focus for commercial property managers around the globe, now more than ever before. Sign-in books are not a viable option; they offer little to no real-time security measures and provide managers with no real way of knowing whether the person accessing their site should in fact be allowed there. As a commercial property manager, remaining on top of technology trends and incorporating a software system that monitors on-site movements, web hook integrations for licence confirmations, and easily provides reporting on who has accessed your site and when, is absolutely vital.

Using Sines solution, you can record visitor information, capture photo ID, as well as using two step mobile and email verification, and licence, certificate and document upload via the free SinePro mobile app. Not to mention web hook integrations that can be allocated by site. When it comes to the security of your business, Sine has you covered.

4. Remote locations

No one person can be in two places at once, and with companies rapidly expanding across multiple sites, finding solutions to keep total control of multiple site access, compliance checks, and security, has become a challenge.

Sine offers real time notification of contractor or visitor arrival via emaile, SMS, or the Sine mobile app. Even better, from their mobile phone hosts can choose to accept or reject visitors, and even view the visitors profile and check-in form responses – an ideal function for businesses that operate remote sites. Check-in forms themselves can be set to verify special permits for easy approval or rejection by the hosts, as well as displaying the all important HSE information, PPE reminders, inductions and more – all set to customised visitor types. 

5. Keeping track

Sine can help you to stay informed and in control. Keeping your fingers on the pulse across every facility you manage can be a real challenge, but one that is absolutely vital to the real-time management of your site, your ongoing risk management, and continuous improvement.

With Sine you can have a helicopter view of all of your site at all times, through real-time reporting. Track visitors on and off site, ensure that work orders are being completed on time and visitors are checking-in when requested. You can even use Sines reporting mechanisms to locate red flags for non-compliant visitors, or know and manage peak sign-in times.

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