We’re just going to say it. Your receptionist is arguably one of the most important people in your office.

Flexibility, resourcefulness, ability to adapt and work under pressure, as well as organisational and communication skills are just a few of the many expertise a receptionist must utilise every single day. Hardly surprising considering their roles in the office are numerous, ever changing, and often involve completing multiple tasks at the same time. Not to mention they tend to be the first person people have contact with when getting in touch with your business, making them extremely influential when it comes to that all important first impression. It’s no wonder really that there is an annual day of recognition for them.

So what can you do to make life easier for this integral person within your office and help them perform at their absolute best day in and day out? Sine’s digital visitor management system has been designed to do exactly this; to enhance your business’ front of house and aid your receptionist in their day to day tasks. The SinePoint Pro iPad acts as a helpful buffer, increasing your receptionists efficiency by taking care of your visitor check-in.

Here are 5 ways in which Sine can help your receptionist do what they do best

1. Invitations

Make your guests’ check-ins more streamlined with Sine’s invitation function. Invite guests to your premises by using either Sine Hosts or by using calendar integration and pre-register them prior to arrival so that they can sign in quickly and easily. Your guests will feel expected and warmly welcomed, and your receptionist will be informed by Sines software of exactly who they are and who they are here to see. Even better, with our Fast Track Codes (FTC) all invited guests are able to check-in with ease, with the FTC pre-filling their check-in information and their Host. 

2. Preferences are noted

Sine provides the ability for hosts to make notes about their guests. From how they like their coffee or tea, to what they prefer to be called, and whether or not an special provisions need to be made for their visit. All this information is readily available to your receptionist without them having to enquire with their guests. This makes the life of your receptionist easier by streamlining the welcoming process and it impresses your guests, making them feel valued, important, and remembered.

3. Instant knowledge

Often when someone arrives at your front desk to meet with someone unexpectedly, it can take some time to track down exactly where that prospective host might be. Are they even in the office? With Sine, your receptionist can be saved a great deal of time by knowing exactly who is onsite at any given moment. Of  someone drops in for an impromptu meeting with Mike and he has signed out of the office for lunch or an external meeting, your receptionist can immediately inform Mike’s visitor that they won’t be able to see him at that moment and can look to schedule a formalised meeting if required.

4. Host notifications

Also saving the receptionist time is Sine’s ability to immediately notify a host that their guest has arrived. Whether via SMS, instant message, or email, Sine will send and automatic notification to whoever a guest has arrived to see, letting them know immediately that they have someone waiting for them at reception. If the visitor also has the Sine app downloaded on their smartphone, Sine also gives the host the ability to communicate directly with them, letting them know for instance if they are going to be slightly delayed and asking them if they would like a refreshment while they wait.

5. Integrations

Don’t things always seem to run more smoothly when everyone and everything works together? Sine has been developed to integrate seamlessly with Outlook, Google Calendar, and iCal to allow for the easy issuance of invitations. Even group invitations can be sent out, reducing the time your receptionist spends on administrative work so that they can get on with the more important stuff. 

Sine’s digital visitor management system doesn’t try to replace your receptionist – it compliments their position and enhances your visitors experience. Try a free 30-day trial of Sine in your business to see how smart technology can improve your front of house.