Induction processes are like starting your day off with a healthy breakfast – of absolute importance, but also something that many people either don’t make the time for, or rush through with barely a thought.

Unlike breakfast however, inductions are not just a ‘nice to have’ but a must have, and they must be done properly. A lack of due process and documentations, improper processes, and failing to verify information provide may constitute potential breach of employment law and OH&S legislation.

While they can differ slightly based on your location, work health and safety laws are largely consistent throughout the western world and for the most part, align with international safety standards.

These laws and standards must be adhered to and there are heavy ramifications for any worksites found to be in breach. Employers are required to actively manage workplace risks in order to protect the health and safety of both their employees and anyone else who may be at risk from the work being conducted.

Odds are, any person who comes to work on your site has been through a significant number of induction processes in the past. But every site is different, with it’s own wide range of hazards that change as the site develops. So, no matter how many inductions a worker has been through – or perhaps because of it – ensuring your induction process is not only in place, but robust enough to deal with humans who have ‘seen it all before’, is extremely important. Not only for them, but for you as the site manager. 

There are 5 key things you need to consider when it comes to both providing and obtaining information from your workforce.

1. Do you have their contact details?

If there is an emergency at your workplace, you need to be able to contact every single person you have at your site – quickly. Being unable to do so could put the lives of your workers at risk. What would happen if someone signed into your site in a rush and forgot to provide you with their mobile number?

Sine’s digital sign-in system enforces the collection of all required information by not allowing the check-in process to be completed unless every information field has been filled out. This means your workers cannot access your site unless they have provided you with their contact details. If you need to call them, you will have their number. More than this though, with Sine’s smartphone app you will also have the ability to send your workers push notifications. Just another way you’ll be able to contact them quickly if the need arises.

2. Have you provided your workers with clear and concise evacuation information?

Evacuation information must be readily available throughout your site. Exits must be clearly labelled, evacuation points highlighted, emergency escape routes detailed, and all of this information, along with fire warden and other emergency personnel contact details, needs to be provided and easily accessible to every single worker who sets foot on your site.

Sine allows for clear evacuation documents to be uploaded to your workers’ check-in forms and ensure they are continuously accessible via the SinePro mobile app. These evacuation documents can be set to match any hard copy information you will have around your site. This means that your workforce can access your evacuation information at any time, and from anywhere, maximising their chances of knowing what to do, where to go, and staying safe in an emergency.

3. Have your workers filled out all their safety and hazard forms correctly?

Like induction processes, safety and hazard forms are yet another item that, while incredibly important, can sometime be overlooked or only partially filled, due to repetition. As a business, you can’t afford for your workers to access your site without having correctly completed your safety and hazard forms. The implications of such are dangerous to your workers, and leaves your company with a massive legal vulnerability.

Without investing extra manpower in checking that each form is correctly filled at each check-in, how can you ensure that your workforce ticks every box and completes every field correctly before they are able to enter your site? As was the case when it came to ensuring you have your visitors complete contact details on file, Sine will not allow a worker to proceed with their check-in unless they have correctly filled out each and every safety and hazard form you set. If your workers answer anything incorrectly or miss a field, or if they fail to sign off on any required documentation, their check-in will be cancelled and they will not be able to gain access to your site.

4. Do your visitors’ certifications meet your requirements?

Your workers are responsible for ensuring they have the qualifications and certifications they need in order to safely and legally perform the work that you’ve asked them to perform, but the buck does not stop there. It is your responsibility as site manager to confirm those certifications and licenses before you allow them onto your site. Failure to do so creates liability for your business.

Sine automates the process of checking certifications by checking each workers status with the correct registrar by utilising webhooks. Webhooks work behind the scenes by communicating with registrars to confirm the person requesting access to your sites does have the certification they require in order to perform their designated work. If they do not, Sine will not allow them to proceed with their check-in and you will be notified that this particular workers credentials are out of date.

5. Do you sign off on all forms and sight all passes before allowing a worker to sign in?

With multiple workers arriving on site it can be difficult to know who needs what in order to complete their sign-in process. Some workers may need certain forms or passes that other workers do not. It can be frustrating for your front of house staff and for the worker. Firstly, finding the correct, rarely used, forms. Secondly, being called up to reception time after time if it’s discovered something has been missed. It is important that all systems are in place for just such an occasion, and that all admin staff are fully trained in all induction requirements.

With Sine’s digital visitor management system, you can use visitor types and host acceptance to ensure that for each classification of visitor you have, all of the appropriate and required forms and passes will be requested, checked, and sign off by you in one go before the worker is checked-in. As the host, you will receive a notification of the worker’s arrival on site and will be able to view and approve their permits and passes – from the mobile phone app – before their check-in process is finalised.

With a raft of checks and balances in place to ensure that you both receive and provide all the information required to ensure your adherence with local work safety laws – and that you have the documentation to prove it – Sine is here to support you in providing a safe and healthy worksite for your workers. You can rest assured that your induction processes will be foolproof and successful.