You’ve decided a digital visitor management system is worth looking into for your business or worksite, but now you’ve realised just how many different options there are out there in the marketplace.

How are you supposed to know which one will be best for you? How do you know what they do or don’t do? How do you know each different system will handle unusual situations?

Google know a lot, but we found a gap when we were doing our own research to find out what the needs and concerns were of businesses looking to implement a new digital visitor management system. Here are the 7 most frequently asked questions about digital visitor management systems, and our answers to them:

1. We have unexpected guests drop by all the time. How can it handle that?

Sine has no issue with unexpected guests and makes them feel just as welcomed as your unexpected guests.

Using either your front-of-house iPads or the Sine app on their smartphone, your unexpected guests can simply:
– enter in their details
– choose the person with whom they wise to meet from your team list
– print out their visitor badge, and 
– find a comfy chair in which to sit while they wait!

It’s that easy.

The person that they are here to see will be notified of their arrival, and their information instantly appears on the Sine dashboard for your receptionist to track.

2. What if we have multiple guests arriving at once? Or substitute guests?

There are three ways your guests can sign into your premises with Sine, making multiple guests arriving at once an absolute breeze. First, they can use your front-of-house iPad to enter their details. Secondly, if this is already in use by a guest, your receptionists also has the ability to sign them in on their computer quickly and easily. Thirdly, your guest can sign in using Sines’ free to download smartphone app, which can even sign them in automatically sign if it detects they are at your location.

When inviting groups of people to your premises, you also have the ability to provide ‘fast track’ codes, making check-in even more efficient. Guests are provided with a code that pre-fills their information when checking in so that the filling out of details is not required. ID badges can be pre-printed and ready to go. In short, it’s one of the fastest ways that multiple guests can securely gain access to your site.

3. How are we meant to know someone is here?

When a guest arrives and signs in using Sine’s digital visitor management system, a notification is sent to the person with whom they are meeting. This notifications can be sent via email, push notifications or text message – whichever method works best for the host.

4. How can we organise for people to visit, and know they are coming?

Sines digital visitor management system integrates seamlessly with Outlook, Google Calendar and iCal, which means you can very easily sent out invitations to either a single guest, or a group. Working quietly in the background, Sine’s digital visitor management software connects with your chosen diary management tool so that you don’t have to do anything more than you normally would. Send your meeting invitation out, receive your guests acceptance response, and rest assured that when it comes time for your guest to walk through the door, Sine will be expecting them – no extra steps required.

5. We use printed badges. Without a receptionist, what stops anyone from printing a badge without checking in?

Quite simply, it’s not possible to print a badge without checking in. Before a photo-ID badge is printed, a person must sign into your site using Sine’s digital visitor management system, select their host (the person they are here to see) and have their photo taken for their badge. It’s only after they’ve signed in and that their host has been notified of their arrival that they can print and use their badge.

As an additional safety feature, your check-in process can be set up with host approval required. This means that check-in won’t complete, and ID badge will not print, and no one will be able to gain access through the sign-in system until the person hosting the guest at reception has said that it’s okay.

6. What about our OH&S? How can we insure our guests see and read our inductions, and fill out the forms?

Sine’s system is set up perfectly to ensure your guests read, complete and acknowledge any important information before they are able to finalise their check-in process. Using pre-set visitor categories you can ensure that particular visitors are provided with, and have to complete or acknowledge viewing, and documentation that is relevant to their visit.

Non-disclosure agreements, evacuation procedures, OH&S instructions – anything they need to see can be pre-loaded as a part of their check-in procedure so that you can know with surety that they’ve seen everything they need to see. How will you know that they haven’t just skipped this information? Because Sine will not finish checking a guest in until they have answered all required questions and provided a digital signature where required. If your guests answer a question incorrectly or if they fail to sign off on any required documentation, their check-in will not proceed.

7. We have a lot of foreign clients. What if they don’t speak English?

Sine’s software is equipped with over 20 different languages, which can be switched between easily whenever receiving non-english speaking clients or visitors. If you have pre-arranged visitors, you can also pre-select their check-in language, making them feel even more welcomed when they arrive at your site.

While these were the most frequently asked questions we were able to find, this certainly isn’t an exhaustive list. Do you have any other questions we haven’t answered? Why not give us a call, or connect with us through the live chat on our help website.