Contractors, one of the biggest sectors of employment world-wide and covering everything from the person who fixes your home utilities to an entire work-site of specialists coming together on one or multiple projects. In general contractors have little in common, they work for a company only over an agreed time, and they travel from location to location, sometimes within the same job. The role of managing them can therefore be quite tricky. Contractors rarely stay longer than one project, and will often switch in and out of roles during their time with a company. So how do you keep track of an ever changing workforce, especially when said workforce can come and go at all hours of the day and night?

“Sine provides real-time visibility to our Building Managers of contractors working at Goodman properties, with its geo-fencing feature and reporting. Implementing Sine means that the team knows when contractors were on site and what work was being undertaken.” ~ Goodman

Controlling a diverse workforce, especially over multiple and remote sites, is a problem that faces those working in contractor management. Knowing when their contractors have logged in, ensuring that they have logged in, and that they have submitted all necessary induction and safety forms can be an issue, especially since site managers rarely have the time to stand by the sign-in book and watch everyone check-in. Add to that issues with site security and ensuring contractor certificates are up to date and correct, and you have an administrative nightmare just waiting to swallow you whole.

So how does Sine make it easier for hundreds of businesses to track their contractors, whilst also providing the visibility and reporting capabilities they need?

Check-In with the Mobile App

Instead of using the cumbersome paper-based sign-in system, contractors are able to use their smartphone to both check-in and out of their worksite. After downloading the Sine Pro app for free, contractors can create a profile with all their contact information, and upload all documents, certificates and licences they hold in to the app.  Then, with location services activated, they will receive a notification the moment they enter a sites geo-fence and can begin immediate check-in. If they turn notifications off, they can still access the mobile check-in by opening the app and starting a scan for nearby sites.

Once checked-in, a notification can be sent to the site manager, either via text, email, or the app (as per the sites manager’s preference), letting them know that the contractor has arrived. With geo-fencing enabled, workers are then automatically checked out of the site when they leave the geo-fence area, ensuring site managers are always aware of who is onsite and when.

The big benefit that companies are finding with this feature comes in its ability to function without supervision. No need for manned reception areas or onsite administration 24/7, manually watching over and confirming each check-in. The mobile app covers all of these tasks, and allows companies to fully manage a site, no matter how remote or whether it has an onsite staff.

Mandatory Induction and Reports

Geo-fence check-in isn’t just about the initial contractor sign in. Through the use of customised forms companies are able to upload and format their own induction process, whatever their requirements. Web hooks can additionally be used to confirm contractor certification and no check-in will process unless every form has been completed in full. The use of automatic check-out upon leaving the geo-fence area ensures that contractors have to complete check-out processes. Any forms or reminders can be set by the company to automatically appear upon exit of the geo-fence, and must be completed before leaving. Reminders to return any and all assets, and incident reports are most commonly used  by companies, and all reports are automatically added to the sites cloud database.

Sine’s powerful reporting suite also provides the ability to obtain information quickly and easily. Without the need for any further data entry or information compiling, site managers are able to access everything they need to know at the click of a button, either online or via a downloadable CSV file. Their entire workforces’ start and finish times are instantly available, with an absolute certainty that the times and dates provided with the report are an accurate representation of when each worker was on site. With Sine collating and preparing this information automatically, there is a significant reduction in administration required, allowing site managers and support team to get on with more important work.

To find out how Sine and the SinePro mobile app have helped contractor managers, read our Goodman Customer Story. To learn more about Sine, visit our get started page