Whether you are running a huge corporate company or a small office – a busy reception can be a challenging environment in today’s world and keeping track of contractors is no longer a straightforward task.

Every day we are dealing with multiple customers, contractors, and in some cases even part-time staff.

A contractor management system is a feature-rich suite of components that simplifies how you manage all your contractors.  It facilitates the tracing and monitoring of everyone coming in and out of your business by automating the processes of registering, tracking and out-processing.

Whether you look at it from the perspective of an HR manager, site manager, safety officer or facilities manager; a quality contractor management system is a game changer for any business or organization. It’s a cutting-edge technological tool that can be used for:

  • Ensuring your workplace is kept to a high level of security
  • Administration of contractors and staff – contractor management systems provide reliable timesheets which can be tracked from one central location
  • Generating useful and relevant reports in real-time
  • Tracking contractors, deliveries & other assets as they arrive onsite 

Why sticking with timesheets is asking for trouble with your contractors

Increased globalization, a progressively competitive marketplace and the need to fill specialized roles are just some of the reasons organizations continue to hire external workers like contractors, part-time staff and other service firms in the endeavor to become more competitive.

Contractors can help you improve your operational efficiency and gain a competitive edge. But did you also know that contractor timesheets are quickly becoming outdated; proving unreliable and can veritably lead to loss of business revenue? Here is how:

Contractor timesheets are falsifiable – Regardless of how savvy you might be, you simply can’t be everywhere at once. The truth about contractor time sheets is that they can be filled out and submitted with staff that wasn’t even present on the job site or falsified by a crew that showed up late or left early.

And although contractors are generally honest, sometimes they make bad decisions and it’s important to make sure that those choices don’t end up hurting your company. You can’t supervise everyone all the time, but a contractor management system can ensure that every contractual worker who records working hours is present on the job site indicating when they checked in and checked out.

Contractor timesheets are prone to error – Typically, many companies require contractors to submit a completed timesheet on a schedule that coincides with bi-weekly payroll. Consequently, contractual workers may not record their hours on the day that they worked, or sometimes even in the same week. The end result is that contractors are left struggling to remember which night their crew left early, which night they left late, and what time they showed up on Monday – and all that leads to errors.

Using a contractor management system to improve processes between contractors and companies

Contractor management can be complex; from basic record keeping, accounting for the payroll to the issuance of a permit for work – visitor management systems will prove vital for the effective control of contractors.

It’s imperative for companies to invest their time and effort in adopting an industry consistent contactor management system to avoid frustrations. 

Contract workers can be on-site as often as full-time employees and when they are, you will agree with me that it isn’t always an easy task monitoring their movements, time on-site or access authority levels. In most instances and chiefly when timesheets are used, contractors are just entrusted by the company to remain inside authorized zones and bill accurately.

The benefits of using Sine to manage timesheets

Poor management of contractor timesheets can lead to loss of huge chunks of money in any organization. Furthermore, timesheets put a lot of burden to the HR department leading to wastage of more valuable time and paper (timesheets use lots of paper!).

However, when you manage timesheets using a visitor management system, you’re guaranteed to pay only what has been worked for. You will also be able to effortlessly get rid of buddy punching, time theft and inconsistencies that come with timesheets.

Some of the key benefits of Sine:

Eliminates inconsistences – immune to multiple inconsistencies, errors, and malicious discrepancies which can be catastrophic to any corporate. In particular, large companies can be fatally affected (cause colossal financial losses) by disparities especially if they are recorded deliberately by crooked contractors.

Save valuable working hours – Discourages contractual workers from skipping shifts, buddy punching, and absenteeism. At the point when a contractual worker realizes that his time is being tracked, he is less likely to cheat or abscond duty.

Real-time tracking – Allows you to track your contractors’ activities in real time. You no longer have to wait for timesheets at the end of a project, week or month. You can, for example, take note of time theft as it happens and stop the propensity from developing in any way else it gets past the point of no return wreck your company.

Sine allows you to know who is where during working hours.

More control over time management – Unlike timesheets, where contractors need to fill in and convey the timesheet to the HR department for processing and storage, Sine allows for everyone to schedule instantly from their work stations thereby enabling HR to approve or make recommendations in a split of a second.

So, are you still using timesheets to manage your contractors? Are you tired of their inaccuracy and would you like to automate, fasten and improve your operations with an innovative, new & affordable easy-to-use contractor Management System? Get your free trial here and get started today.