Sine’s free mobile app makes it even easier for your returning users to check-in to your site.

Available for iPhone and Android, the Sine Pro app allows your visitors, contractors, staff and frequent others to check-in to your site as they approach it. 

Sine takes advantage of everyday devices. Pairing with a location on smartphones, geofencing sets up a virtual perimeter around your facility, meaning upon entering and leaving the site, your visitors will be sent a push notification to remind them to check in or out. 

The benefits of the SinePro mobile app

Opt for Geofencing and offer ease of access to your workplace

Geofencing helps save time by supplying the information you need without needing to touch another button. Have the option to register all worksites onto a device and get alerts when you arrive and depart, reminding you to check in and out via push notification. 

Geofencing works via location settings on your smartphone. You don’t need anything more than the Sine Pro App to make the most of auto check-in and check-out.

Upgrade your security by verifying your users

Know for sure who is on your site.

Having your visitors active on the Sine Pro App means verification of their identity. 

Go further than capturing your visitor information by manually filling in the iPad, where data can be inaccurate. Leverage the credibility that our phones serve us. The Sine Pro App helps you to connect directly to your users via their everyday devices.

Add your photo ID, verify a mobile number and email and have access to more sites. Sine’s unique verification process brings an extra layer of security to visitor and contractor management processes. 

With QR scanning you don’t need an iPad

Sine mobile means you can operate your software from anywhere. 

Sine can work with QR codes displayed at site with the Sine logo. Just scan the QR code when you arrive and depart from a site. 

Having the Sine Pro App paired with QR posters means there is no need for anything more. You can check-in and out with ease and convenience at the press of a button and the scan of a code. 

Hosts will never miss a memo again

With the Sine Pro App, you will receive instant push-notifications to your phone, capturing your attention when your visitor arrives to see you. 

Control your appointments right from the App with the ability to accept or reject visitors or contractors, ideal for operating remote sites. 

Have your badge instantly printed and ready for when you arrive at site

Promote the idea of skipping the queue by checking-in on the Sine Pro App and having your badge ready as your guests arrive at your site.*

*requires a SinePoint Pro iPad App connected to the Brother 720 NW printer.

Directly communicate with your visitors 

As the host, you can use the Sine Pro App to directly message your visitors when they check-in to see you. Stay punctual and professional with custom messaging right at your fingertips. 

Easily manage your administration from the palm of your hand

Sine makes it easy for you to keep track of your visitor flow. Have the ability to check-out your guests from the App if they forget to do so. 

Keep your workplace in check with the Sine Pro App – simplifying your day to day visitor check-in process. 

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