With school safety being at the forefront of every parent and educator’s mind, it is the goal of every school administrator to implement an effective and fool-proof system that can increase the safety of their grounds.

This is because, within a school set-up, creating a secure & solid establishment is fundamental to forging a healthy learning environment. 

Security officials agree that the weakest part of any school security measures comes in the form of the visitors coming in and out of the school grounds during school hours. It is for this reason that visitor management systems are quickly becoming the new standard for schools across the country and even globally.

Visitor management systems enable schools to monitor everyone who enters their buildings hence helping curb common & rampant safety concerns such as:

  • Unscheduled visitors who cause disruptions during class time
  • The potential for child abductions
  • The potential for violence & other attacks
  • Malicious/unscrupulous individuals
  • Property theft & vandalism

These incidents and many others can be limited or prevented with a clear school visitor management system that requires all visitors to check in with the front office, verify their identity, wear a visitor badge, and check out at the front office when they leave.

How schools can take control

To enhance school security, administrators need to have the capacity to control and monitor every person entering the school. This includes visiting parents, volunteers, caregivers, field trip chaperones, vendors, sports recruiters and if necessary even teachers.  

Implementing a high-quality visitor management system, like Sine, will help you take full control and radically improve the safety & security of your school making it a safer place for everyone. 

Sine has put the provision of adequate protection to your staff and students front of mind, and thus drastically improves visitor management within your school. 

Sine comes with the following key benefits:

Verification checks that enable instant and automatic screening of every visitor

Sine can set entry forms to ask visitors for clearance forms and any other needed documents as a requirement to gain access to your school. Your staff will be notified if the visitor has successfully provided all the required data and grant him/her access.  As such, Sine makes it easy for visitors to complete clearance forms, submit them digitally, and avail them for efficient future look-ups.

Photo ID – at check-in you can require visitors to capture a photo of themselves 

Everyone must log-in their details (including first name, last name, contact information and reason for visiting your school) before entering. Even their photo can be captured by the system to effectively identify who is entering your school – giving an additional layer of security. 

custom visitor badges for workplaces

In critical situations, a policy can even be implemented where visitors are only allowed to enter the school premise with a printed visitor ID badge indicating their credentials, clearance levels, and access durations.

Rapid Arrival Alerts – if teachers or staff are expecting a visitor they can be notified via mobile or integration notifications.

Sine is a completely automated system that instantly notifies your staff when their visitors arrive making the whole process more efficient and reliable. Once a guest arrives, Sine sends automatic visitor notifications to the relevant teacher via SMS or email alerting them of their guest’s entry thereby creating room for a rapid response.

Additionally, the system can send automatic school emergency SMS alerts to staff and other predefined people as soon as an emergency arises. 

Real-time know-how – using the Sine dashboard, users can have real-time access to see who is on school grounds, when they arrived, and how long they have been present.

Sine can help collect and easily recall real-time accurate data of current and pending authorized visitors. As such, it tracks every visitor at your facility and their information thus enabling you to monitor your school’s safety.

Improves your brand image

Sine is fast, instant, and accurate. You can thus be sure that visitors will be impressed by your highly visible school automation. They will immediately associate your school as tech-savvy and innovative.

scotch college set up

If you want parents to trust your establishment, installing a fully integrated visitor management system, like Sine, will enhance your guests’ experience and create a winning first impression. 

Sine is a one-stop solution that ensures every visitor is handled professionally and at the same time provides interactive, real-time support that ensures the school administration is up-to-date on visitor data across all locations.

Quite simply, a high-quality visitor management system is a smart investment with many benefits likely to transform your school in several ways!