Phase 4 has been announced by Governor Cuomo and New York is set to continue the process of reopening after COVID-19 lockdowns. As more businesses return to work, it is increasingly important to consider placing effective risk management strategies in order to keep employees, contractors, visitors, and customers safe.

What does Phase 4 mean for businesses

During phase 4, low-risk indoor and outdoor arts and entertainment, film and TV production, higher education, and professional sports without fans. The move will impact the regions of Central New York, the Finger Lakes, the Mohawk Valley, the North Country, and the Southern Tier.

This permits the continued, gradual reopening of non-essential businesses, while essential businesses that opened under previous phases will also continue to operate.

Best practice for businesses reopening in New York

Employers set to reopen in New York have been issued with some guidance and recommendations. However many of these focus on general guidelines to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 in the workplace. Ultimately, it is up to the businesses themselves to determine the appropriate safety procedures to keep their employees safe.

One of the best approaches for businesses reopening under phase 4 is to introduce contactless technologies into their workplace.

How Sine can help New York businesses go contactless for Phase 4

As businesses reopen post-COVID, keeping employees, contractors, clients, and visitors safe is a priority. That’s why we’ve rolled out new features to help you stay safe and fight COVID in your return to work.

Contactless check-In

The preferred approach for phase 4 is to only have essential staff on-site, however the need for external visitors may arise to keep businesses operating. Check-in visitors with ease using Fast Track QR codes, allowing you to manage visitor arrivals with contactless ease.

When your visitor arrives they scan their Fast Track QR code from their mobile invite to check-in on the iPad without contact. Once contactless check-in is complete, hosts are notified of the visitor’s arrival.

When the time comes for your visitor to check out, it’s as simple as flashing their badge, where the iPad will then take note of their unique QR code and immediately check them out of your site.

COVID-19 screening questions

With Sine, you can create COVID-19 check-in questions for your visitors, allowing your employees to gather vital data about visitors arriving on-site while phase 4 restrictions are in place and manage the risk of allowing a positive case on-site where they could transmit the disease to your employees.

covid pre-screeing notifications

These screening processes can also integrate with thermal imaging cameras, allowing you to perform temperature checks as part of your check-in procedure for everyone arriving at your workplace.

Contact tracing with Sine Pro

The Sine Pro mobile app lets your visitors and staff check-in and out of your site quickly without the need to touch multiple surfaces. Visitors using the mobile app can check-in by scanning a QR code on-site posters placed at the entrances to your workplace.

For repeat visitors or staff, this check-in can be managed automatically by setting up a geofence around your site which will detect when they have arrived on-site.

The data collected through this check-in process will allow for quick and easy contact tracing should the need arise. With the reporting available through the Sine Dashboard, you can see the times that someone was on-site between, as well as anyone else who was on site that they could have come into contact with during that time, helping you manage phase 4 guidelines with ease.

Contactless inductions

Contactless Inductions present a quick and easy way to manage the process of inducting contractors on to your worksite. Going contactless removes the need to print out countless sheets of paper, waste time on-site or require contractors to touch multiple surfaces.

With the Sine Pro mobile app, you can create a workflow that allows contractors to quickly complete necessary compliance procedures and induction processes remotely before they even step on-site.

By removing the need to complete time-consuming induction processes on-site, you can not only free up your own employees’ time but also ensure the time your contractors spend on your site is spent working, not reading through countless documents.

For New York businesses open during Phase 4, it’s crucial to ensure the safety of employees and visitors through their workplace. That’s why here at Sine we’ve introduced new features to help you ensure a safe return to work and minimize the ongoing risk of COVID-19.

Stay safe. You can sign up for a free trial with Sine or see our COVID-19 toolkit here.