If you’re a business that often has visitors coming in, it’s likely that you have a visitor management system and sign-in process in place. For some, this means a pen and paper. But what if you could revolutionize your visitor management processes with a sign-in app?

Sign-in apps can not only make the process more efficient, but a lot safer as well. Especially as we navigate through COVID-19 and businesses do everything they can to keep their employees and visitors safe. Sign-in apps might just be the solution you’re looking for!

What is a sign-in app?

A sign-in app is a downloaded app to your smartphone. It provides free and easy sign-in from your iPhone or Android and allows any type of visitor to regularly check in to your site – without having to use pen and paper or touch any surfaces at your front desk.

Contractors, staff, students, couriers, you name it! Anyone with access can sign-in to your site when they are nearby.

Sine uses geofencing to set up a virtual perimeter around your facility that enables repeat visitors to sign-in and out of site with ease. And if you happen to leave the site, users are sent a notification reminding them to sign-out on their way. The app can also notify hosts that their visitor has arrived.

What can I expect to get from using a sign-in app?

When using the sign-in app, we think you’ll notice right away that it solves a lot of the problems that come with traditional paper sign-in sheets.

As you discover the unique features of Sine, you will realize its many benefits. There will no longer be a need to have multiple people touching one item like a pen or iPad. The sign-in app keeps the process touchless, which is especially great for times like COVID-19.

The automated sign-in process also enables you to run more smoothly and stay organized over time.

Our unique features

You will find many unique features with Sine! Here’s how it works:

Sine is accessible from both iPad or mobile app. Simply tap the site name displayed on the provided app list, and get alerts on when to arrive and depart from your location. You will also be reminded of when to sign-in and sign-out.

Sine can also verify attendance with QR codes which are displayed on-site posters, removing the need for an iPad on-site. Just scan the QR code when you arrive and depart.

The app allows visitors to sign-in and instantly have their badge printed. This means no queues to wait in and the collection of visitor badges immediately upon arrival. It’s the perfect feature for busy sites or group sign-ins.

capture document entry using pre-check in workflows and questionnaires

Sine is also capable of pre-registration, screening, and getting important documents like NDA’s, evacuation diagrams, site safety policies and procedures sighted and signed before arrival.

You are sure to see a lot of great benefits when using the sign-in app!

The benefits of going paperless

benefits of paperless sign in solutions over traditional visitor log books

Today, with the ways that things are done, everyone is trying to go paperless. And while you go digital with your invoices and memos, add your sign-in process to the list!

Not only does switching your sign-in process to digital mean a better contribution to the environment, but it also means a lot more security of data. The potential for wandering eyes on open sheets of paper is eliminated.

Your processes also become a lot simpler which frees up time for staff to focus on other important tasks. Employees who are more easily able to do their jobs are also a lot happier, which means great things for company culture and productivity.

The cost of paper sign-in books can also be comparable to what you would spend on a sign-in app, which means the higher cost isn’t a factor with a sign-in app!

Major benefits to your business

All in all, the investments you make for your business should bring some major benefits to it. Wouldn’t you agree?

check-in automatically by geo-fencing your site

By incorporating a sign-in app, administration staff spend less time worrying about the sign-in process and more time focusing on the visitor experience. They can more easily create a connection with visitors.

Contractors also spend less time worrying about signing in and out as they come and go, and can more easily focus on the tasks at hand.

Sign-in apps also mean majorly improved security and safety for everyone on site as there is a clear track record of who has come in and out. Only those with access will be able to pass through your office.

The use of a sign-in app also means simplified compliance. Your organization will be in great hands!

Sign up for your free 30-day trial today to see how Sine can help your business.