The digital revolution we’re currently experiencing means that it’s technology’s time to shine. Technology is taking over in more ways than one, and that extends to the idea of a virtual receptionist. 

Maybe you need to introduce digitisation in order to allow employees to focus on more important tasks. Or perhaps you’ve never had a receptionist and you’re looking to integrate a virtual receptionist for the first time. 

No matter the reasoning behind your decision to use a virtual receptionist, automating the many tasks that a receptionist does can be incredibly beneficial to your business. 

Using Sine as a Virtual Receptionist 

You will be thrilled to know that Sine includes many features that can help receptionists with important tasks. It can also serve as a virtual receptionist all on its own! 

Here’s how Sine can help with common receptionist responsibilities:

Use Sine as a sign-in kiosk as a part of virtual receptionist duties

Self-service is an incredible technological tool in today’s world. More and more businesses are using self-service. So much so in fact that people are almost always expecting businesses to provide these options. 

A sign-in kiosk is a great self-service option and can help eliminate the sign-in process task from your busy receptionist list of to-dos’. Employees and visitors can sign-in seamlessly by scanning their Fast Track QR code found in their mobile invite on the receptionist app. 

The invite encourages them to sign-in on the iPad provided, which means no need for pen and paper, or direction from reception staff. 

Your virtual receptionist completes the sign-in process by storing the personal information provided by visitors. Not only does the process stay organized; information can be stored and used in the future. No rent, no data entry hours and no removal costs. 

Badge printing is made easy with Sine

When visitors come through your office doors, it’s common for receptionists to have to not only make sure that they sign-in but that they also have a printed identification badge. Not to mention all of the information they need for their visit. 

With the virtual receptionist app, all visitors photo ID and information is captured. Visitor badges are printed to ensure clear identification – without the need of help from a receptionist. 

From there hosts are alerted that their visitor has arrived and they can proceed to meet them without a receptionist having to act as the middleman. 

Complete safety inductions as needed

Your virtual receptionist app comes complete with the ability to complete daily health screening before employees and visitors even enter the facility. This keeps everyone safe and means that your receptionist won’t have the extra task on their place. 

The virtual receptionist app allows you to complete a questionnaire that helps in making the decision to attend work for the day based on recommendations from mandated health authorities. Should a user display any symptoms of COVID-19 they will be asked to stay home.

Safety is also top of mind as the receptionist app can give approval notifications and reject any visitors that are somewhere they aren’t supposed to be. Staff are warned if a suspicious character is to arrive through the black watchlist. 

The ability to communicate with all visitors is also improved as they can be alerted on company grounds with instant notifications. This could be in the cases of emergencies or drills, where receptionists would usually be responsible for ensuring safety and locating all personnel. 

By incorporating a virtual receptionist, you not only save time on important tasks, but you also improve your safety procedures and processes. 

Finish up visits with a totally digitised check-out

As visitors are on their way out, they can use the virtual receptionist app to check themselves out. There is no need for a receptionist to be at the front desk at all times as self-service is made easy. 

Visitors can also opt-in to add their facial recognition details. When their photo is captured for the first time these details are stored to make the check-out process faster and more secure. 

Get Started with Sine

Sine is here to give your receptionist the support they need and even work as an independent virtual receptionist. 

Receptionists can focus on other important tasks within your business as Sine takes on other imperative tasks. 

If you’re looking to drive evolution and become a part of the digitised world, Sine is your go-to! 

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