Adaptation is essential.

We are all facing new challenges every day as we navigate the COVID-19 pandemic and race to adapt to the next normal.

In the United States, many states have reopened and attempted a return to a more normal world. Though unfortunately spikes and second waves of infections have also forced many states to reverse these reopening orders.

Across Australia, many states have begun to reopen and action phased approaches to aid the return to “normal” and minimise the risk of a second wave of infections. However, the second wave taking place in Victoria is a stark reminder of the ongoing risks that we must continue to manage if we are to return to normal amidst the ever-looming threat of a virus without a vaccine.

The strongest defence we have against the coronavirus is time. The more we flatten the curve, the better-equipped healthcare workers globally will be to provide crucial care to those infected.

Flattening the curve and reducing the spread of COVID-19 is a numbers game. Every contact or interaction increases the risk of transmission, so in order to safely re-open we need to take as many practical preventative measures as are reasonable.

Contactless check-in at venues and events is just one more way to reduce the potential for transmission. In particular, when you consider how many people could potentially come into contact with a paper sign-in log or central iPad to collect details.

Timely contact tracing is essential to our ongoing efforts to flatten the curve.

Hosting events in a COVID-19 world

There are a number of important considerations for venues looking to reopen or host events in the midst of the current environment.

First and foremost, many must consider the necessity of even operating events. However, the challenges of kickstarting economies necessitate the need to find new solutions. Businesses in these industries to begin their economic recovery and support the broader economy and livelihoods of millions.

In Australia alone, it is estimated that COVID-19 will result in a $35.7 billion loss over the coming 12 months for the business events industry. Meanwhile, the live music industry already reported $100 million in lost revenue from cancelled tours and shows in early March.

Beyond the distancing and capacity guidelines imposed by authorities, effective contact tracing solutions must be implemented. Where possible, contactless entry solutions should also be adopted.

Sine has the tools to enable you to hold safe events.

Below, we’ll explore the three methods for safe gatherings that can be harnessed by the event and venue management industry to get back up and running.

Fast Track QR Codes

This is the perfect solution for invite-only events and gatherings. With Sine’s Fast Track QR codes, you can send invites to all attendees that will enable them to complete a contactless check-in on arrival at your venue.

With accurate check-in and check-out data for all attendees, you will be able to maintain a full log of who attended and when. Accurate data like this is essential should the need for contact tracing arrive.

In addition, Sine allows you to customise the invite content that is sent to your attendees. Include details of your COVID policies and any social distancing measures that attendees may need to adhere to before attending. Plus, with Sine Workflows, you can even include compulsory pre-screening questions that must be answered before checking-in. These will help to ensure anyone at risk of transmitting the disease does not attend the event.

Instant QR check-in

Not sure who will be attending your event or venue? Instant QR is the perfect solution for you.

QR codes are a great solution to enable contactless check-in and contact tracing at venues, however, there can be significant privacy, security and accuracy risks from poorly executed solutions.

Instant QR ensures that your contact tracing data is accurate. While both company and user data are kept secure and private.

When your attendees or customers arrive at your site, they simply enter their details at to generate their own Instant QR code. With that instant QR, they can then complete a contactless check-in and check-out through the Sine iPad app. Unlike other QR code solutions, Sine uses geofence technology to ensure that check-ins are verified as being at your location.

Eventbrite integration

If you’re running a ticketed event, you can still utilise Sine for COVID pre-screening and contactless check-in on arrival all while managing ticketing through Eventbrite.

As part of the Eventbrite integration, attendees will receive a QR code as part of their ticket. This can then be used to complete a contactless check-in through your Sine iPad check-in kiosk.

with eventbrite and sine it is simple to run covid-19 safe events

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