If you have kids, or you are a nostalgic gamer, there’s a good chance that you spent some time this weekend catching Pokémon. The new smartphone game Pokémon Go is a cultural phenomenon. But what lessons could the game developers learn from the visitor management expert, Sine?

Go easy on the batteries
People use their phone for a myriad of things in the course of a day, so battery-life is precious. Pokémon Go players have discovered that there is a limit to how much game-time a phone can take; and its not much. Sine is very deliberately light on your phone’s battery, leaving you enough juice to get through the day.

Sine treats your guests as individuals
The only way to get recognised in Pokémon Go is to do battle at a Pokégym (like a virtual boxing ring) and get a spot on the roster. Sine welcomes all and acknowledges everyone’s presence. Sine is also introducing new services that will include better connectivity for visitors (watch this space)!

Individuals are different, so you need multiple user types
In Pokémon Go, all users are the same, and they can only interact with sites (in the game they’re called Pokéstops) in the same way. Sine has multiple user types – visitors, contractors, couriers, to name a few – and businesses can customise the interaction to their requirements.

Sine offers tutorials
A lot of Pokémon Go users are disappointed that the game doesn’t offer tutorials. Mums and dads need this more than anyone. By the time you figure out the controls for your first Pokégym battle, for instance, it’s too late. Sine offers users video tutorials for every function, so you know exactly how it works before you begin.

Sine provides its customers with analytics
Businesses and landmarks in Pokémon Go have had their locations commandeered by the game. Wouldn’t it be great if owners were rewarded for this by getting some analytics on the new visitors and their movements? Sine provides this intel as standard.

Sine is global
Sine is used all over the world. Pokémon Go is currently only available in US and Australia and a few other territories.

Sine isn’t a fad
If players are unable to check-in to a Pokéstops, no one cares. Whereas visitor management is not going away. Sine not only takes care of visitor check-in; it actually allows businesses to use that simple interaction to improve engagement with their customers by streamlining the process.

Sine is supported
Sure, the augmented reality game increased Nintendo’s stock by 25% in about three days, adding $9 billion to the company’s value BUT can a player get on the phone and talk to them about their system? Nope. Sine on the other hand has personal customer support, and if they keep up that brilliant service, they’ll be worth $9 billion too one day.

Sine is about human interaction
Sine fast-tracks human contact by getting you checked-in to a site quicker. It will send a push notification to the person you’re visiting, so you can get down to business. Pokémon Go augments reality and makes you interact with small cartoon creatures only – it’s doubtful any of them will help your business.
When someone checks-in with Sine, they are usually greeted by a human offering coffee. Pokémon Go only offers virtual Potions, Pokéballs and Razz Berries.
John Hankem, the CEO of Niantic Labs, the company behind Pokémon Go, has been talking up the future of the game suggesting it will, among other things, include the ability for players to meet up and interact.

Already it seems the game is moving in the direction of Sine, with a customer-focused approach. To the millions of Pokémon Go players out there, you’re welcome.