Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern has announced that New Zealand will move to alert level 1. As a result, many businesses now find themselves needing to adapt to a new normal to keep their workplaces safe from COVID-19.

Luckily, there are already comprehensive visitor and staff management solutions available to all businesses to simply and effectively manage the ongoing threat of COVID-19 and keep their workplace and people healthy.

Here at Sine, we have compiled a quick checklist of three simple steps that any business can implement. Sine can help maintain social distancing, automate on-site contact tracing and screen for the illness before it can be introduced to their office.

1. Contactless check-in

A crucial step in reducing the transmission of COVID-19 has been social distancing and ensuring basic hygiene measures, including washing of hands and coughing into elbows. But even with these measures in place, one of the biggest threats to their effective implementation is from objects or equipment in the office that needs to be touched by multiple people every day. Consider your paper sign-in book or an employee time card machine. With Sine, there’s a better way.

Visitor management

Reduce front desk interactions with visitors and contractors using the new Sine Contactless check-in feature. Before arriving on-site, visitors will be sent an invite, which includes their Fast Track QR code, ready for their arrival. Then on arrival, it’s as simple as your visitor walking up to the iPad and scanning their Fast Track QR code, completing their check-in without ever needing to touch the iPad!

contactless check in using ipad and sine software

If your business needs to check-in and out repeat visitors or contractors, the process is even simpler with the Sine Pro mobile app. This allows people to check-in using facial recognition or they can even be automatically checked-in when they enter your geofenced site location.

contactless alert level 1 check in using sine pro mobile app

Staff sign-in

With geofencing and the Sine Pro mobile app contactless management of staff time and attendance, has never been simpler. No longer will your employees need to manually sign-in using a communal machine.

Once staff are set up in the Sine system, they can check-in and out as needed with the Sine Pro mobile app as soon as they enter the geofenced radius of your site. In addition, you can also offer QR codes posters for your staff, allowing them a contactless sign-in and sign-out method at any entrances they may use to enter the site.

QR codes for check-in and out during alert level 1

2. Pre-screen your visitors

Sine’s check-in forms allow you to gather important information about your visitors, contractors and employees. With these, you can ensure everyone is informed and aware of new guidelines and processes implemented to ensure the safety of everyone in your workplace. Plus, with Sine Workflows, you can ensure added security and compliance by embedding workflows and screening questions into invitations that must be completed before a visitor arrives on site.

Sine Workflows

COVID-19 screening questions can be added to your Workflows and sent to all visitors with their invite to site or even be set to send automatically to visitors who enter your geo-fenced location. Completed workflows can be set to a ‘Pending’ state, allowing your staff to review responses and provide added security and screening over who enters your site.

3. Automatic contact tracing

Key to New Zealand’s ongoing management plan under alert level 1 is the ability to rapidly contact trace any possible positive cases that occur. By implementing a contactless check-in solution for staff and visitors, you will already have automatic access to a full log of every person who has been on-site at any given time. Contact tracing with Sine is simple and the reporting and analytics available within the web dashboard make it quick and easy for companies to communicate and ensure the safety of anyone who needs to come on-site.

alert level 1 easy contact tracing with sine reporting dashboard

Users should only use Sine for COVID-19 purposes in accordance with the provisions of their local laws. Sine is not responsible for the capture of information. See Sine’s Terms of Use.

Want to learn more about how Sine can help your business operations through alert level 1? Find out more and book a demo.