In Australia, schools have been one of the most controversial parts of COVID-19 lockdown. Most of the students and school staff have stayed home. But as the curve begins to flatten, Australia has already started to rewind some of the previous restrictions.

In addition, since Prime Minister Scott Morrison stated that all public schools should return to face-to-face learning by June, this has put some pressure over schools when it comes to guaranteeing both the staff and the students’ safety.

According to the PM “The expert medical advice throughout the coronavirus to date has not changed when it comes to the safety of children going to school. They have consistently advised the risk remains very low. The issue in our schools relates to the safety, principally, of teachers.”

Luckily for staff members around Australia, visitor management systems like Sine can help. With these systems you can reduce the chances of catching the virus as they return to school and in-person teaching.

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Why schools need proper processes to protect both the staff and the students?

Schools have been one of the most controversial points in Australia’s response to the pandemic.

While the federal government has insisted that students should all be in schools, state leaders have insisted on the opposite, stating that it was safer for them to be at home.

However, reopening schools is a significant step in Australia’s response to the pandemic, and it’s a bout of fresh air for many people.

However, while children and adolescents might not be affected by COVID-19, teachers and staff members could. This is why schools need to tighten their processes to keep them safe so they can continue doing their job and supporting students during these unprecedented times.

How can Sine help schools prepare for safely returning to activity

If your staff are returning to work, then you need adequate safety precautions in place to protect them.

As states around Australia begin to reopen their schools, school boards and communities are responsible for making their own plans to keep their teachers and staff members safe.

These are some ways Sine can help schools prepare.

Creating visitor tags

Since cleanliness is one of the best ways of preventing the spread of COVID-19, it’s still necessary for cleaners to be on school’s grounds to keep them clean.

Available return to work visitor types for schools

Since most schools use contractors, creating visitor tags is one of the best ways of keeping track of every worker. This not only enhances schools’ protection against the virus but also helps keep pupils protected against potential threats posed by unregistered visitors or workers.

Visitor badges are used within schools to identify visitors quickly. While employee badges tend to stay valid, but visitor badges will have a specific amount of time, they’ll be valid for which is generally controlled by an action. More often than not, when the visitor or contractor checks out.

Check-in forms

With our newest feature – COVID-19 Responses – you can take your check-in forms to the next level by putting all incorrect responses into a ‘pending’ state and stopping them from resubmitting with new answers.

return to work covid-19 screening questions

Originally, visitors would complete the check-in form but be allowed to resubmit a form if they answered incorrectly. While this is still an essential function of check-in forms, we know that during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important that schools get an accurate reading of all visitors’ information.

Sine QR posters

Another of our features that can really help schools return to work is the QR poster.

A QR poster is a printed poster with instructions about safety measures that visitors need to take into account. Along with a QR code that visitors and contractors can use to check-in before entering the school, in case they forgot to do a contactless check-in before coming.


When you’re using a visitor management system like Sine, you gain access to a robust set of reports that can help you gain a deeper understanding of the activity and trends of your school.

Sine reports help schools identify activity hot spots and visitor trends. With added functionality to produce daily, weekly, and monthly activity reports and check-in summaries. These can help improve your chances of detecting COVID-19 before an outbreak happens in your school.


In addition to mobile check-in, we also offer Sine Workflows.

Workflows can now be filled out directly from the mobile app. So, there’s no need to click on links in emails or SMS messages.

Workflows now can include COVID-19 pre-screening and be built directly into office invitations. These workflows will then be put into a pending state for the company to either approve or reject.

We’re here to help

Sine is more than an alternative to paper sign-in sheets. In addition to making your life easy, we’d also like to help make it safer.

If you would like to talk to us about ways to reduce face-to-face interactions at your front desk and minimize health risks in your company’s return to work by using a visitor management system like Sine, we’re here to help.

Stay safe. You can download the Sine COVID-19 pack and book Sine demo.