Disneyland; the happiest place on earth. It’s almost impossible for visitors to have a day ruined spent in the park, many ending their time with bigger smiles than what they started with.

It’s easy to think that Disneyland gains such merit from the colourful characters and cheery smiles that parade so happily through the sprawling gingerbread city. But what is it that really drives this happiness machine?

Since opening in 1955, Disneyland has rigorously focused on perfecting its customer service principles. Founder of the University of Disney training centre, Van France, created a set of operational standards to help focus the way in which staff could create happiness. Like a well-oiled machine, these four keys have remained steadfast in steady operation, working mercilessly in the background to drive the happiness ethos of the Disneyland corporation.

  • Key 1 – Safety. Stated as the highest priority, and must never be sacrificed for another key.
  • Key 2 – Courtesy. The key that brings the magic, this remains at the heart of contact with guests, as well as with exchanges between staff and partners.
  • Key 3 – Show. This is what contributes to the guest experience through everything from costumes and entertainment to grounds keeping and ‘backstage’ operations.
  • Key 4 – Efficiency. Inconveniences for guests are avoided by managing efficiencies across every aspect of operations, from staff and partners to the rides and attractions themselves.

As a true epicentre of customer service, Disneyland has proven time and time again that each of its customer service principles are just as important as the other. Together they guarantee an exceptional guest experience – every time.

Whilst it’s true that customer service principles should be considered across every aspect of a business, Sine offers a simple solution for what many consider one of the most important operations in a business – the first impression.

With features that work across all four of the Disneyland keys, Sine can help your customers experience the ‘beginning to end’ happiness factor – and with some features, you can start this process before they even arrive to your location.

Here are some of the many Sine features you’ll find:

  • Safety – for both your customers and your staff.
    • Know who is at your location with the click of a button;
    • Display non-disclosure agreements, health and safety processes or fire evacuation diagrams, required for visitors to acknowledge or sign at check-in or check-out;
    • Communicate instantly with everyone on site in the case of an emergency or evacuation;
    • Photo ID at check-in for additional security.
  • Courtesy – remember that this is where the magic happens.
    • Show your visitors that you’ve been expecting them. Have their name appear on the screen as they check in;
    • With an automated and quick check-in process, allow your receptionists and greeters to have more time to engage with your guests.
    • Sign your guests out for them from your SineWeb Pro application.
  • Show – the unexpected added bonuses.
    • Personalise your SinePoint Pro iPad login screen with background images and your company logo;
    • Automatically send wi-fi login details to guest’s phone on check in;
    • And don’t forget…you’ve got a snazzy iPad check in system, make sure your reception or welcoming area matches!
  • Efficiency – let it all work like clockwork, just the way it should be.
    • One click check-in for return visitors from their smartphone;
    • Print visitor and contractor badges in an instant;
    • Pre-print passes for larger groups.

These are just some of the many ways that Sine can help your customers to arrive happy, and stay happy. It’s worked for Disneyland, so make it your business to let it work for yours.