See why Sine’s host capabilities will make your visitor & contractor management brilliant

There are a number of things that Sine’s digital visitor management software does to make your life as a host that much easier. From having an invitations module that makes adding, inviting and expecting your guests a breeze, to making your guests’ lives easier too, Sine has got you covered with a list of features that are certainly worth boasting about.

1. Inviting guests to your site

Inviting someone to visit your workplace has never been easier. Simply navigate to the invitations tab in SineWeb Pro and start completing the required fields; these will guide you easily through the process. Sine’s invitations module allows you to input your guests’ details, the specifics of the meeting, and it gives you the space to add an optional message to your guest at the end. Here’s a step-by-step procedure for issuing an invitation to your guests.

2. Invite large groups of guests with ease

Where multiple guests are required, Sine’s digital visitor management software allows you to upload their details quickly using a CSV file. You can invite any number of guests easily and efficiently.

3. A reminder that you’ll soon have company

Fifteen minutes prior to their arrival, the name of your guest(s) will appear in your activity feed in SineWeb Pro, reminding you that they will be arriving soon. This reminder will give you the time you need to finalise preparations for your guest’s arrival, ensuring everything is in order for your meeting.

4. Print ID badges in anticipation of your guests’ arrival

If you have a group of guests arriving, the last thing either they or you want is to have them wait around whilst everyone’s guest pass is being printed. Sine lets you print their ID badges in advance so that you can have them waiting in the reception area for when your guests arrive, saving them time and allowing you to get down to business sooner.

5. Calendar integration

Sine syncs with Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal, so if you prefer to invite a guest to your workplace via your calendar, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is ensure you add ‘[email protected]’ to your meeting request and Sine will ensure your guest is added to the system.

6. Send messages to your guests

Is there something that your guests need to know, or be aware of, for their meeting with you? Send them a message or email via Sine to let them know.

7. Delegate visitor arrival notifications

If your boss doesn’t want to be disturbed when visitors arrive or you would like to set up a wider notification group for contractor arrivals, then Sine has you covered. Just set up delegates and auto forward visitor notifications to executive assistants and your wider team.