Remember the fax machine? When was the last time you received a fax? Well, we at Sine Visitor Management think the paper visitor book is headed the way of the fax machine.

Long gone…

Think about it, the first thing visitors, customers and suppliers see when they visit your home base, HQ and place of business is a tired and old fashioned paper visitors book. Think about all the IT related equipment you own and operate, yet the first impressions at your office in many cases involve this outdated, non-secure and tatty process.

Digital visitor books are the way of the future!

With this in mind, here are 4 reasons to upgrade your paper visitor book to a modern iPad based visitor management system.

S.I.N.E. stands for….

1. Safety & Security

Keep visitor information private and not on display for all to see. Paper visitor books display all previous visits and are not confidential. Keep a secure, cloud-based, back up all this information for future reference if needs be. 

Know who is on location in an instant. Print fire evacuation lists and message visitors on their mobiles with alerts if required from a simple easy to use web dashboard.

2. Image & Impression

First impressions count. Improve your front desk or site office’s image with a professional check-in experience and your company branding all on a friendly, modern and easy to use interface. Make visitor registration effortless and a delightful experience rather than a bore, using a digital visitor book.

Display clearly to customers that you are a welcoming and innovative company. Display your company logo, website graphics and welcome messages on your iPad to match with your corporate branding.  

Alert your staff or “Hosts” via email, SMS and push notification when their visitor arrives, so your guests don’t get left waiting around.

Search and deliver packages fast

3. New and Novel

Stay ahead of the curve with leading-edge mobile visitor management. Leverage the amazing features continually being developed by the team at Sine. Keep your customers and suppliers coming back to you with a fresh and friendly user experience.

Visitor registration can deliver much more than just names in a book. Use a digital visitor management system to get to know your customers and supplier much more.

Integrate your visitor management system to other systems to enhance your supply chain and you will truly unlock the potential of a digital visitor book.

4. Economy & Environment

Paper books and traditional badge printing is costly. Save’s costs and decrease your carbon footprint with a digital alternative. Think of all the paper archiving and storage costs you accumulate with paper-based registration systems. It all adds up.

With cloud-based storage for visitor registration, your overall storage costs will be far less. In addition, you will be able to retrieve visitor and supplier records with a touch of a button, rather than waiting weeks to retrieve paper-based records.

Investigate Sine’s cost-effective badge printing system, utilising Brother’s QL 720 Nw wifi badge printer. No ink required and prints instantly from your SinePoint iPad App or directly from the Sine web dashboard.

“If it Ain’t Broke, Don’t Fix it” Doesn’t Apply to visitor management systems – it’s time for a digital visitor book

You may think your paper-based visitor book is more than adequate for your business needs. But you’ll never know how much better technology has become until you’ve experienced it first hand. That’s where Sine comes in.

Why not take a look at the latest in visitor management systems from a cutting edge industry leader?

Click here for a free demo and see for yourself just how far visitor management technology has come and how easy it is to update your outdated paper visitor book.