The benefits of an electronic visitor management system are that you can display custom entry processes to both visitor, contractors and staff as they enter your facility.

You can even display different sets of questions and processes to different types of entrants from one system.

For example, you may wish to display fire evacuation diagrams, WHS policies, permits, and emergency information to visitors as they enter your premises. With custom forms set up on an electronic visitor management system such as Sine, you can ensure that all your visitors confirm they understand the risks of entering your facility and keep an electronic record of this confirmation for your records.

In the unlikely event of harm occurring to the visitor, you can then demonstrate that you have explained the risks of entering your site to the visitor or contractor.

All information you upload onto the cloud-based visitor management system can be displayed on both iPad and mobile devices simultaneously so the visitors can check-in on the device that is best suited to their needs.

To find out more about custom Entry Forms and how they can work to assist your risk and compliance with visitors, please contact the team at Sine Visitor Management Systems and we would be pleased to set up a free online demo and trial of the system. Contact us at [email protected] or visit