Your usual morning routine probably consists of something like making your commute to the office, grabbing a coffee, and settling in for the workday ahead. 

However, with times changing and COVID-19 having a major influence on the way that we do things, it’s inevitable that our morning routines are going to change. 

Out with the old and in with the new, Sine can help to make up for those new workplace challenges in your daily routine. Whether it’s daily health screening or completing your daily screening checklist, Sine has you covered for keeping employees and visitors safe within the workplace. With Sine Safe and Daily Check, you can make these new morning routines quick, easy and, most importantly, effective.

Here we lay out what a safe and efficient morning with Sine might look like: 

A Day in the Life with Sine

Step 1. Complete your daily health screening from home

Your daily health screening can be completed through Sine Workflows – all before you even leave your home and enter the workplace. 

By completing a questionnaire, you can make the decision to attend work for the day, or pick an appropriate face mask depending on recommendations from mandated health authorities within your area. 

Step 2. Contactless sign-in using the Sine Pro mobile app

As you make your way into the workplace, a part of your daily screening checklist is to sign-in. As someone arrives on site, they are prompted to complete their Sine daily check using the Sine Pro mobile app. 

For regular or returning visitors, this sign-in can be prompted by scanning a QR code poster or simply by entering the geo-fenced worksite. 

prescreen employees sine

Entirely hands-free and germ-free, Sine daily check enables you to have sign-ins placed in a pending state. This encourages staff to review sign-ins and responses to daily health screening questions.

Step 3. Use hand sanitizer

Every workplace should have easily accessible hand sanitizer. Throughout your day you should use hand sanitizer before and after using communal surfaces such as doors and taps. If you’re questioning if you should use hand sanitizer in a given situation, the answer is always YES!

Sanitise stations in the lobby

Step 4. Enjoy your morning

You might enjoy a socially distanced coffee and catch up around the water cooler with colleagues next! It’s always important to try and remain as contactless as possible and dedicate yourself to the safety of everyone. 

Enjoy your morning in the office, but always keep safety in mind. 

Step 5. Keep up with restrictions

While leaders and managers can work to enforce it, it is up to individuals to keep up with social distancing measures and mask-wearing as they go about their day. 

Thinking about capacity restrictions within the workplace is also important, and is made easy with our sign-in app. Sign-in’s allow capacity to be monitored, and for social distancing practices to remain top of mind. 

Signage to keep people safer

Step 6. Sign-out with the Sine Pro mobile app and be on your way

When your morning is complete and you’re thinking about heading out of the office for lunch, you can use the contactless sign-out option in the Sine pro mobile app. This way there is no need to touch any surfaces and there will be a complete and accurate contact tracing record for you. 

Every entrance in and out of your worksite is logged in your Sine web dashboard, which means you will have quick access to data and tracing. It also provides vital contact details for each individual should the need for prompt communication arise. 

Get Started with Sine

As you can see, Sine’s many features take out the stresses and worries that come with day-to-day tasks within the office. 

Not only do staff and visitors feel a lot more at ease entering into workplace facilities, business owners and managers can also feel good about knowing risks of exposure have been greatly reduced

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