Events have become an important component in the modern-day business model. From providing an opportunity to build brand awareness, educate leads and, ultimately, closing sales; events are vital for every stage of the funnel.

It’s estimated that corporates around the world spend at least $500 billion dollars on events every year.

In fact, events constitute the largest portion of an average B2B marketer’s strategy, eating up a budget of 20% on the overall spending.

However, without meticulous planning, diligent visitor management, and creative execution of a corporate event – achieving the critical role an event is supposed to play in the success of your business is unattainable.

Events need to be well set up, organized, and operational in a manner that creates a smooth, memorable, picture-perfect attendee experience.

Event managers need highly dependable systems developed not only for the attendees but also for convenient planning and organizing. Some pain points of attendee management include:

  • Manually handling systems are time-consuming due to lack of a quick-and-easy registration platform
  • Data security is not assured
  • It is difficult to maintain records for a long period of time
  • Require deployment of heavy manpower to get the job done
  • It is exceptionally difficult to handle huge transactions
  • Companies have no control over who attends their events which may lead to gatecrashers

To remove these pain points – Sine has partnered with Eventbrite (a market-leading event management website for any type of event for individuals, organizations, or businesses) to make event management a breeze through the ability to build lists based on event registration. The Sine + Eventbrite integration empowers corporates with the ability to nurture leads by automating offline events and streamlining the attendee check-in process.

This Sine + Eventbrite service eliminates all hassles (the hectic & exhausting activities/headaches) of organizing and running an event. From simplifying your paperwork process to keeping track of event attendees and eliminating gatecrashers.

How the Sine + Eventbrite Integration will improve event attendee management

Once implemented, users will enjoy the benefits of a seamless event sign-in process that is fast, efficient, reliable, and easy to track/manage.

So, how does the Sine + Eventbrite integration help you plan the ultimate event for your leads, prospects, or customers?

Simplifies the registration process

The integration automates the entire registration and ticketing process. Visitors can enrol from home, from their offices, from a coffee shop sipping their latte, in a bus, or any place as long as they have a mobile device and internet connectivity. Simply, attendees don’t have to go to a physical booth or kiosk in order to purchase a ticket in physical print. Within five minutes, a participant can secure their spot by inputting a few simple pieces of information via their mobile device.

Upon successful registration, a confirmation email with information about the event and further instructions will be sent to the registrant. The attendee should also receive a QR code through the Eventbrite app and via email.

Eliminates visitor wait time

Without optimizing the check-in process, you risk negative feedback from your attendees.

To fix this pain point, Sine + Eventbrite integration ensures visitors are immediately recognized as they arrive. This is done by allowing visitors to do a fast and simple self-check-in using their QR code at the all-in-one visitor kiosk. This way, it is possible to easily detect unauthorized members which enhances security and at the same time locks out all potential gatecrashers.

If successfully acknowledged, the system instantly auto-generates and prints the visitor’s pass that grants the attendee access authorization into the premises. In addition, the system can also electronically advise the facilitating corporate of the guest’s entry via email or an SMS alert. This quick notification feature enables you to rapidly identify and recognize your guests as they gain entry into your event.

Critical information is collected

The registration process is a great time to collect information (name, email, and phone number) from your attendees that will help you optimize your existing/future sales and marketing efforts. It likewise allows you to be more informed about what your attendees are looking to gain from your event empowering you to build stronger relationships with them.

Understanding the demographics of your event attendees, the social networks they use, their interests, occupation and even their food preferences can be extremely insightful in creating a fruitful & impactful event.

All-in-one kiosks can be used to remove the need to have all badges printed prior to the event

When the visitor is successfully enrolled and approved, the system auto-generates a visitor identity badge and prints it automatically from the kiosk eliminating the stress of late-night badge printing.

Sine's check-in kiosk

What typically happens is that all guest data automatically syncs securely across the Sine + Eventbrite integration system allowing for on-demand badge printing.

Gone are the days when people used to enrol for events by filling out paper registration forms and filling out forms.