Every day, schools play host to teachers, staff, students, volunteers, coaches, contractors, suppliers, cleaners, gardeners, care workers, government people, salespeople and more.

Administration staff are playing Air Traffic Controller to dozens of people – all there for different reasons. This challenge is easily overcome by Sine. It is built to manage all the visitor flows using  web, tablet and mobile apps.

The Sine technology goes beyond simply checking-in visitors. It offers fully customisable security features, induction forms, deep analytics and an instant visitor messaging service.

Here’s a few points to consider about your school’s current visitor admission process.

1. Know who is on school grounds

Controlling who should and who shouldn’t be on school grounds presents a considerable challenge. It is a matter of policy in most states and territories as well as part of the school’s duty of care.

Sine is designed to be an elegant and user friendly way to ensure all visitors are welcomed and managed appropriately while on campus, with a minimum of fuss.

Using Sine, schools have real-time visibility into who is on site at any time.

2. Photo ID

Schools can choose to add an extra layer of security by introducing Photo ID labels which can be quickly printed for visitors straight from the app, identifying them clearly with dates, times and authorisation of their business on site.

Using the Photo IDs, unauthorised visitors can be easily identified and queried by staff.

3. Induct visitors on sign-in

Sine features powerful communication capabilities, including options to prompt certain types of visitors to complete inductions at check-in.

Inductions can easily be setup for different types of visitors. For visitors who require working with children authorisation, confirmation can be automatically requested as part of the induction process and provide schools with an instant record. For contractors, induction might include evacuation procedures, maps or other safety acknowledgements.

4. Communicate directly with visitors on campus

A school campus is a difficult place to communicate with staff, let alone the range of potential visitors on site at any one time. The Sine platform allows schools to push out messages to mobile devices at any time.

This direct messaging service is deployed via SMS, email or Sine’s mobile app. Sine gives you the accuracy and flexibility to deliver messages and alerts to specific individuals or groups – perfect for discretely alerting certain people about an issue instead of broadcasting it over a PA system.

In the case of an emergency, Sine’s capacity to account for, instantly communicate with and provide critical advice to everyone on site is priceless.

5. Accurate visitor records

In the modern school environment, paper-based sign-in systems offer only limited value to a school. They are difficult to reconcile with real events and quickly becoming redundant.

Schools are obliged to collect sufficient information about visitors to satisfy an enquiry should events warrant investigation, and facilitate the many different needs of visitors as they go about their business.

Sine makes all this possible through a simple, seamless and low-touch experience. School’s get visibility about who’s on site at any point in time and can extract detailed analytics to gain insights into visitor movements.

Visit us at ASBA Conference 2016

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We will be demonstrating Sine at the Association of School Business Administrators (ASBA) South Australia 2016.

Date: 17-18 August 2016

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