English photographer David Bailey once said, ‘the best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading’. We think there’s a fair chance he was seeking advice about running his business at the time.

When it comes to running a successful business, knowledge is absolutely key. The decisions you make for your future are largely dependent upon the knowledge you have of your past. In order to gain that knowledge, you need to be able to see – to read about – what has happened previously in order to best navigate a successful future. 

Knowing who has been on your premises, how long they were there for, if anything remarkable happened while they were there that you should know about, are all integral parts of running and maintaining your business. As such, Sine software management system endeavours to be the full workplace solution, covering all of these niggling but important concerns. Whether you run multiple sites, a large corporate premise, or have a high number of people coming and going, Sine’s reporting system and activity feed can give you the bird’s eye view of your business that you need.

Cover off on your security and OH&S requirements

Sine’s activity feed will be able to show you the type of visitors you had throughout any given day (i.e. employee, contractors, tradesperson), and will also provide you with their relevant qualifications. This means you can easily obtain security and OH&S reports showing that the people you have permitted access to your site have all been vetted accordingly.

The activity feed will also show you at a glance who tried to gain access to your site but were rejected, along with the reason for this rejection. It might be that a tradeperson’s qualification had expired (which Sine can automatically check for you using web hooks) or that they didn’t sign a required document such as a non-disclosure agreement. This knowledge can be a powerful tool if you ever find yourself in a position where you need it.

Know your visitors

Sine will be able to show you exactly how many people checked into your premises, what device they used to check-in with, the type of visitors they were, and when every single one of them checked into and out of your site. This information can be used in many ways. You will be able to more accurately determine your peak hours of operation, and potentially adjust your personnel requirements accordingly. You will be able to see which devices are being used most often and, if required, invest in more or reallocate existing devices dependent upon demand. You can gauge the types of visitors you see most frequently, how often visitors get rejected, and if there are people who are repeatedly trying to enter your site unsuccessfully. 

The level of detail that Sine’s system provides you with gives you an almost limitless ability to analyse you visitor data, and to improve the daily experience both for your staff and your guests.

Hear about the issues and keep communication lines open

With Sine’s customisable check-out forms you can set it so that every visitor upon check-out has the ability to report any issues or incidents. All reports are easily viewed from the visitors profile, and the notes section within allows communication lines to be kept open. With an adjustable internal system you can track who has seen an incident report, what is being done about the incident and if the incident report is now closed. As all records can be kept and exported digitally, you will always have the necessary OH&S records.

These three highlights are only a small glimpse of the many ways in which Sine’s digital visitor management system can help to provide you with the knowledge you need about the visitors your business receive on a daily basis. Contact us to find out more about the ways in which we can help to support your business.