The idea of checking into shops, venues and businesses has become second nature for all of us over the last twelve months. As governments and organizations have navigated reopening in the wake of lockdowns, it has been essential to maintain comprehensive contact tracing records.

This has lead to a surge in the popularity of QR codes. Once seen by many as a flash in the pan marketing gimmick, their versatility and simplicity have made them the go-to solution for quick, touch-free contact tracing solutions.

In the last few months, we have seen Governments look to centralise their contact tracing databases by mandating the use of government-backed and created systems. Primarily, this is about making basic data rapidly available to contact tracing teams in the event of a positive case that is identified out in the community.

The benefits and limitations of government QR apps

In looking to stem potential outbreaks of COVID-19, the government QR code applications do a great job of providing contact tracers with a quick, comprehensive visitor log. This gives governments a starting point from which they can begin to formulate their plans to mitigate any risk of spreading the virus.

It is important to note, however, that these systems are purpose-built for one specific application—rapid contact tracing, for government departments.

Access to check-in data

When your visitors check in using a government QR code, their data is sent directly to the government database. This means that your organisation will be unable to access the check-in data, removing visibility over who has been on your site.

Visibility of check-out times

Often overlooked, a record of the check-out time is just as important to accurate contact tracing as knowing when someone arrived on site. While many systems only record the check-in time, Sine helps you bolster your contact tracing records with a full log of check-out times. With this additional data, you can more accurately pinpoint the people who may have been exposed to a positive case that visited your site.

Verification of the check-in location

When a user scans a government QR code, they are taken to a sign-in page, or automatically checked in to that location through an app. Unfortunately, though, there is no way for these apps to confirm where that user has scanned the QR code from. 

This can lead to the potential for fake check-ins at a location if a QR code is published elsewhere, either mistakenly or on purpose.

Government QR code integration

Protections against QR code security issues

While the simplicity of QR codes has driven their popularity, it also makes them very simple to ‘hack’ and take advantage of for nefarious purposes. With the general public so used to scanning QR codes and following the links, there is a risk for others to replace these QR codes with falsified ones that lead users to spam or malicious links, rather than checking them in.

While the basic operation and functionality of these government apps may, on the surface, appear to be a visitor management system, there a number of important differences between these contact tracing solutions and an actual visitor management system.

The difference between contact tracing and visitor management

For those simply looking to adhere to contact tracing requirements in their region, a government QR code app will be perfectly sufficient. However, if you are requiring any additional functionality, then a visitor management system is what you will need.

A range of check-in and check-out methods to suit your needs

Sine simplifies the check-in process for your visitors and provides additional efficiencies for return visitors. They can skip the queue with Fast Track QR and facial recognition. You can geofence your worksite for automatic check-in. Plus, Sine delivers instant notifications so your staff can easily accept and reject visitors.

In addition to visibility across the people checked in to your site, you can also keep track of when people have checked out of your site. This is an essential element of understanding your operations, as well ensuring that you have the most accurate record of people at your site in the event of an emergency evacuation.

Check-in forms and health screening

With customisable check-in forms, a visitor management system gives you the ability to present important, relevant information to all your visitors as they complete their check-in. You can also customise the content and obtain responses to COVID-screening questions, to ensure that visitors are compliant with your organisation’s policies.

You also have the ability to reject check-in requests if their answers do not meet the conditions for entry into your site.

In addition to managing COVID-19 risks, you can also display non-disclosure agreements, fire evacuation diagrams or health and safety procedures that you need visitors to view and confirm to check-in or check-out. Ensuring that you meet all your regular operational compliance requirements.

Government QR code tracking with Sine

Photo ID and instant badge printing

Ensure your site remains secure with photo ID captured as part of the check-in process. Meanwhile, the instant printing of badges helps you to quickly identify visitors in and around your facility. Displaying vital information, like their name, photo, visitor type and who they are on-site to see.

Site-specific inductions and compliance management

Sine Workflows provides a much faster, more efficient way to induct visitors and contractors. Easily share emergency procedures, safety regulations, and site-specific introductory information, while also obtaining essential compliance documentation. Such as inductions, permits, SWMS, access requests and inspections.

Not only can you automate inductions, but our system also notifies visitors and contractors when required licenses and permits are set to expire. This ensures everyone on your site has all their compliance obligations sorted whenever they step on site.

Emergency notifications

Sine lets you know how many people you have on-site every day so in case of an emergency you can contact each contractor, visitor or customer and let them know about any safety issues.

Powerful web dashboard

Our intuitive dashboard lets you manage, track and analyse your data to help your teams work smarter, not harder. Keep track of all your sites and devices, with the ability to monitor live activity feeds of users at your sites.

track site activity

Integrating government QR codes into your check-in flows

Fortunately, for those that require the flexibility and functionality of a true visitor management system, there is a simple way to incorporate government-mandated QR codes into your visitor experience.

With customised check-in forms, it is as simple as including your government QR code as a fixed image in your check-in forms. Then, it’s just a matter of directing visitors to scan and complete their government check-in as part of their check-in process through your Sine kiosk.

You can read more about how to add a fixed image to your check-in forms on our support portal.

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