More and more companies are enabling their employees to work from home and with COVID-19 cases growing, some people are being put into self-isolation to keep them and the greater community safe.

These changes are leaving many companies and people worried and monitoring self-isolation is becoming a growing issue.

Sine can help relieve some of the pain points, with home geofencing and auto check-in and out.

Read on to find out how.

Home Geofencing for COVID-19 isolation

Sine’s geofencing feature gives you the ability to quickly check-in to your workplace but with the widespread of COVID-19, there are uses of geofencing that can help with self-isolation.

When a geofence is set up around a workplace, visitors and employees can be automatically checked in. Giving more accurate reporting of who’s on-site and who isn’t.

The same can be done for a home by setting up a geofence around it. Enabling people and companies to better manage self-isolation when working from home. Giving companies a better overview of their employees whereabouts and the ability to keep them safe while they work from home.

If a person is put into isolation and is restricted to their home, this geofence acts as a monitoring tool.

Auto check-in and out

Auto check-in and out allows people to automatically check-in to a site, in this case, their home, without having to do anything by using the Sine mobile app. When a person enters the geofence, the app will check them in and they will stay checked in until they leave.

Concerning quarantine, a company will be able to see whether a person is staying at home or if they have left and will show a record of when they are checked in and when they have left the geofence. Which helps ensure the safety of the person in quarantine and reduces the risk of the greater community getting infected.

QR codes for working from home

If a company has opted to let their employees work from home, Sine’s QR codes can help ensure everyone is working but are doing so from the safety of their homes.

Companies can set up a new site for their workplace, specifically for people working from home, then a QR code can be sent out for the new site, enabling employees to scan from the Sine mobile app before they start work and once they have finished. By doing this daily, the company can get an accurate overview of who’s working and employees can ensure that they’re providing a visual on when they are at work.

With QR codes employees can show that working from home is just like working in the workplace.

SMS and notifications

We understand that communication is key when people are self-isolating – checking up on people, ensuring their safety, and sending important information. Sine’s mobile app allows you to instantly send messages both to a single person or in bulk. Keeping everyone up-to-date, instantly.

Users should only use Sine for COVID-19 purposes in accordance with the provisions of their local laws. Sine is not responsible for the capture of information. See Sine’s Terms of Use.

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