Every business in just about every industry has taken a hit in some way due to COVID-19. One of those industries includes restaurants as they have faced major unexpected challenges throughout the year. 

It’s unfortunate but true to say that challenges for restaurants have not stopped, and it’s not likely they will any time soon. Beyond the initial closures and lockdowns that were experienced earlier in the year, many restaurants are now operating with reduced capacities and strict restaurant contact tracing requirements.  

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on the restaurant industry, with early reports placing losses in the vicinity of $120 billion. However, as restaurants seek a safe and compliant way to reopen, many are turning to new technologies in order to do so.

This is where Instant QR comes in.

What is Instant QR? 

One of the best technologies that can help with restaurant contact tracing is Instant QR. It is a safe, secure and simple solution to provide contactless check-in and contact tracing. 

Instant QR provides accurate contract tracing logs to help fulfil regulatory requirements imposed on restaurants as they re-open amid the ongoing backdrop of COVID-19. With Instant QR, your staff and workplace stay protected while you ensure quick access to their needs while on-site. 

How Instant QR Works 

To generate an Instant QR code, visitors can go to the Sine website and enter their details. After clicking ‘Get my QR code’, a unique QR code is generated on the user’s mobile device. It really is that easy! 

The user is then checked into your location when they present their Instant QR to the iPad running SinePoint Pro. With this, you can ensure that only those who are physically present on your site can check-in. 

How is Instant QR safe? 

Despite the increasing prominence of QR codes in recent years (and especially this year), the willingness of the general public to utilize them has never really kept pace with their popularity for implementation by organisations. This has, in large part, been due to the security concerns around the exploitation of QR codes. 

QR codes are often used in a static state, which can leave the public vulnerable to attacks from cybercriminals. 

Instant QR has been engineered to help prevent vulnerabilities and ensure your check-in process is secure, accurate and compliant with privacy laws. Sine’s Instant QR operates within a closed ecosystem for QR code scanning and a quick and convenient way to implement contact tracing procedures that have become a necessity. 

Only QR codes that contain check-in details can be scanned and actioned from the SinePoint Pro app. This protects users from becoming vulnerable to cybercriminals and exposed to security risks as they are generating their own QR code, rather than having to run the rick of scanning a spoofed QR code. 

Using Instant QR for Restaurant Contact Tracing 

Instant QR is a fantastic technology for restaurants to utilize for their needs in the current climate. Here is what a typical restaurant visit would look like with Sine instant QR. 

Guest Arrival

Your guests will be ready to dine once they arrive which means the check-in process should be instant! Guests simply need to use their smartphone to go to visit.sine.co.

Once on the Sine website they can quickly create their secure QR code, ready for scanning. 

Contactless Check-In 

Guests can then use their newly created Instant QR code to check-in using the contactless scanner on the iPad. This means there is no need for touching multiple surfaces. Let alone handling a logbook that everyone else has also been handling — helping guests to stay as germ-free as possible. Plus, it keeps your guests’ contact information private. Rather than being laid out in a book where anyone could see it as they check-in!

Contactless Check-Out

The check-out process is just as simple as the guest check-in process. Guests can simply pull up the same QR code they created upon arrival, and use the contactless scanner. 

Simple Sine Logging and Reporting

Not only does Instant QR provide a safe and secure process, but it also helps you to keep track of your guest’s time in and time out. This information can be used to help predict wait times or to better inform staff. It can also be a useful tool for tracing contacts for COVID-19 purposes. 

Log times can be easily accessed through the Sine reporting dashboard should the need for restaurant contact tracing arise. 

Ready to Implement Instant QR Codes for Your Business? 

With so much going on in the restaurant world, it’s easy to get overwhelmed with following all the new regulations on top of your regular operational requirements. Instant QR takes the headache and risk out of contact tracing. So that you can focus on what really matters as you get your business back up and running.

Get started today and experience exactly what Sine can do for your restaurant with a free 30-day trial!