Even if they’ve never heard the term before, you would be hard pressed to find anyone nowadays that does not already extensively use and rely upon the ‘Internet of Things’. Coined by British entrepreneur and tech pioneer Kevin Ashton, the Internet of Things (IoT) is a term that refers to the growing collection of everyday real-world devices that share data and are interconnected by the internet.

From your wristwatch and your refrigerator through to your car and the elevator you ride up to your floor at work in, almost anything can now be connected to the internet. The aim? To improve the way you do things, to increase your efficiency when performing everyday tasks and to make your life faster, easier and better by providing optimal convenience for everything you do.

When you can make phone calls without using your phone, your car can navigate around real-time traffic congestion for you and you are able to download, store and read hundreds of books on one slender digital device, doesn’t it seem somewhat antiquated to still ask your visitors to sign into your workplace using a ballpoint pen and an old, tatty log book?

What if this log book could be brought into our new, digital world and reinvented so that it catches it up with all of the other everyday objects that are now a part of the IoT?

Modernising and streamlining your check-in procedures and making your log book or sign-in sheet a part of the IoT is exactly what Sine does. With a flourished sweep of their left hand they will send your old log book flying from your front desk and into the archives of the past (where it belongs).

They will then replace it with a sleek new iPad and their intuitive and user-friendly digital visitor management system. It’s the log book modernised – paper-based and antiquated ennui replaced with intelligent, connected devices that will work together seamlessly to make the lives of both your visitors and your staff a great deal easier; beautifully streamlined to create efficiencies that no paper-based system could ever create.

With the connectivity of humble, everyday things becoming the norm in our daily lives, Sine’s digital visitor management software provides businesses, schools and event venues with the ability to add their sign-in books to the IoT. Guests and visitors are able to check into venues and events using an iPad, a web browser, or even their very own smartphone via the free Sine app.

It’s the log book digitized and connected, improving the way your guests sign in and providing optimal convenience for both you and your guests.