Tracking visitors in the building is a priority for most businesses. Sine’s newest feature “Watchlists” makes this easier then ever! Ensure your hosts are ready to impress as a VIP enters the building using our White watchlist. Or warn staff of the arrival of a suspicious character through our Black watchlist.

Watchlist notifications:

Check your Watchlists against name, email or mobile, for all sites simultaneously, at no extra cost. Sine will flag directly in the SineWeb Activity Feed when a Watchlisted visitor has checked-in. An alert of this check-in type is sent to an approved staff watcher. The selected host will also receive an email, SMS or push notification alerting them of this individuals arrival.


Black vs White or build your own Watchlists:

A ‘black’ watchlist can be set up to warn reception staff (or watchers) and hosts of a shady or banned character entering the building. Action can then be taken in the form of denying entry or alerting security.

On the other hand; a ‘white’ watchlist can be created to ensure your VIP’s are looked after, with a smooth check in process. Reception can see if a VIP has checked-in by using the web dashboard or a host can be prepared with the visitors preferred beverage as they arrive. By using the invitation feature, VIP guests can be pre invited to the building, so your staff know when they are about to arrive and offer exceptional customer service.

Build your own watchlists to track a certain group of individuals. Customise the watchlist name and type for targeted alerts to hosts and watchers. 

Contact us for information on pricing. 

Using a third-party watchlist already? Ask us how Sine can integrate with your current platform.