The world is slowly returning to work, but it is not business as usual.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way we all work, and as New Zealand looks to re-open and mitigate the risk of a second wave of infections, we must all find new solutions to stay safe in the workplace. Luckily, we’ve already had the keys to unlock a raft of visitor, contractor and staff management solutions all along.

It’s as simple as an iPad.

Well, an iPad Receptionist.

Why an iPad?

Here at Sine, our mission is to make it simple for visitors, contractors and staff to check in to the locations they attend using their everyday devices. And at the core of our suite of solutions, sits an iPad. A piece of technology so ubiquitous in the modern world that you won’t believe the depth of functionality on offer when paired with Sine.

iPad visitor management is not a new concept, in fact, we’ve been doing it since 2013! And in that time we’ve expanded from a humble iPad modernising the front desk experience, to now offer a comprehensive solution for your visitor, contractor and staff management processes.

Visitor management

The paper sign-in book is a thing of the past. Modern workplaces have moved on and they have adopted more efficient and effective processes to manage their visitors. The return to work in New Zealand is not without its challenges. But with Sine, visitor management doesn’t have to be one of them.

Contactless check-in reduces the need for your staff members to engage in face to face check-ins for visitors to your workplaces. Instead, they can complete their check-in using an all-in-one iPad kiosk as they enter your premises. The system records vital details about the visitor. This includes their contact details, who they are here to see. Plus, Sine can even facilitate printing of a custom badge with their photo to assist your staff in identifying visitors to the workplace.

With Sine Workflows, you can even implement screening questions, requiring visitors to complete these for your staff to approve their visit before they even arrive on site. These workflows can provide crucial opportunities to screen visitors before they enter your site.

Contractor management

Managing contractors can be a time-intensive process for many businesses. However, it is an absolute must to ensure every contractor who steps on site has completed all necessary inductions and fulfils compliance requirements to perform their work on your site. Sine helps you simplify contractor management and ensure a seamless return to work for your staff.

Now, on top of all the existing obligations, it is important to ensure that contractors entering your site have been appropriately screened for compliance with COVID-19 guidelines and that they have also read and understood your company’s new procedures that have been introduced to manage the risk of COVID-19.

With Sine, you can manage your contractor inductions and sign-in process remotely. When a contractor is scheduled to come on-site, they are sent an invite prompting them to complete inductions and supply all necessary documentation before they arrive on site. Your staff will then have the ability to accept or reject these contractors and issue them with a Fast Track QR code to facilitate a quick, contactless check-in when they do arrive on-site, facilitated entirely through an iPad!

It’s really as simple as that!

Staff Time and Attendance

The return to work in New Zealand has brought with it a raft of time-consuming new procedures and processes. While these are necessary to ensure the ongoing safety of everyone in your workplace, it makes more sense than ever before to empower your staff to find efficiencies where they are available.

time and attendance for employees returning to work in new zealand

Sine for staff time and attendance minimises the time your employees spend on administrative tasks by automating the tracking of employee time and attendance. You can easily use Sine to track the amount of time your staff have spent on-site. Not only does this enable more accurate payroll, but the data is readily on hand to assist if the need for contact tracing arises.

The check-in process for employees can be as simple as you want. Sine makes available convenient technologies like geofenced site locations, opt-in facial recognition and QR codes. This allows your employees to sign-in quickly using the most convenient method for them.

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