Imagine attending weekly family dinners, only to find that each time you walked through the door you had to re-introduce yourself to your parents, your siblings or your Uncle Bob. Not only would the formality feel at odds with the familiarity…but it would also feel very unnatural!

Families are often made up of many different parts, where cross section of relationships overlap and intertwine over time, forming one big family unit. By the same token, a successful business isn’t just made up of its staff. There are many valued segments that make up the whole, including suppliers, contractors and couriers, not to mention clients that may attend regular meetings on site. They become familiar faces, people that often know your business as well as you do, and just like a weekly family dinner they should feel right at home each time they walk through the door.

As a solution, Sine offers the opportunity for regular visitors to sign in quickly, simply by entering the mobile or email address used in their first check in. With one click, the system automatically populates all previously entered user information required for sign in – and Bob’s your uncle. The sign in process is complete.

From the home screen on the tablet the user can follow these easy steps:

  1. Tap the check in button and select ‘returning user’.
  2. Enter the mobile or email address used on previous check in.
  3. Instant check in completed!

Being ready to offer your returning visitors the following simple process on their arrival will not only save you time, but more importantly save the time of those most important to your business.

But that’s not all. Other time saving features and enhancements that Sine has recently rolled out include:

  • One tap check in for deliveries – offers a fast tracked process for your busy couriers, which even allows your mailroom to receive a notification that the delivery has arrived or is ready for collection.
  • One swipe check in – available with Sine for iPhone and Android, your staff can access instant check-in and check out with just one swipe from the lock screen.

It’s just some of the many intelligent ways that Sine offers time saving opportunities from the get go. You are not only giving your valued clients, suppliers and contractors back a few precious moments in their day, but in return you are showing just how valuable you see their business to yours. And making them feel right at home while they are at it.