South Australian Premier Steven Marshall has today announced new regulations for aged care facilities, aimed to prevent the possibility for spread should another wave of infections break out. The precautions come off the back of high infection and fatality rates in other locations throughout the aged care sector.

The restrictions will come into effect from August 27 and will limit aged and personal care workers from working across multiple facilities.

In addition to these restrictions, all staff, including doctors, nurses and care workers, will be required to wear masks and other personal protective equipment when they are within 1.5 metres of aged care residents.

For aged care facilities, the ever-changing requirements and legislation can be difficult to remain on top of. However, Sine is here to help.

Restrict multiple site check-in with Sine Workflows

Many aged care facilities are already using Sine to manage visitors in and out of their facilities and ensure compliance with vaccination requirements. For further controls, Sine Safe has also been implemented to manage daily screening of staff and strengthen contact tracing efforts within these facilities.

With Sine Workflows, you can manage your staff and contractors to remain compliant with the new restrictions for aged care and prevent staff from checking in to multiple facilities. Sine offers a quick and easy staff check-in solution that:

  • Provides instant check-in approvals for staff at their authorised site
  • Prevents staff from checking in to multiple sites and breaching the new restrictions
  • A complete, traceable record of every check-in attempt across all your facilities

Managing these restrictions can be automated and simplified with Sine. Let’s look at the four steps you can take in Sine today, to ensure you’re compliant when the legislation is brought into effect.

1. Ensure all your sites are set up in Sine Core

First, ensure that you have all of your facilities set up as sites within the Sine Core dashboard. This will enable you to have staff select their home base facility that they will work at under the new restrictions.

set up sites for all your aged care facilities in the sine core dashboard

2. Create a home base workflow

The next step is to update your check-in process for staff by adding a new home base workflow as a requirement for all staff to sign-in on-site.

Read more about how to create a workflow.

aged care

3. Set up Workflow approvals to a central administrator

After you have set up your workflow, you will need to assign an approver to ensure that home bases have been correctly selected and assigned to staff members and contractors.

By establishing one central approver for responses to this workflow, you will be able to ensure that staff have been correctly allocated across your facilities. If you’re looking to 

Once the workflows have been approved, staff can then check-in to their designated home bases each day when they arrive at work.

aged care

4. Staff arrivals and check-in to site

On arrival to site each day, staff will check-in using your chosen sign-in method. As part of this process, the Sine system will confirm that they have a valid approval to work at that site. If an attempt is made to check-in at a site where someone is not assigned, they will be blocked from checking-in to that site.

check-in blocked for staff breaching new aged care restrictions in south australia

Get started with Sine for aged care facilities

Our team are dedicated to your safety. It is our duty as a business to approach any situation such as this outbreak with urgency and empathy. Sine’s greatest priority is the health and safety of our customers, visitors, and employees – including those of the companies we are of service to.

We have been working to release new features throughout the COVID-19 pandemic that empower our customers to protect their people.

Working closely with our aged care clients we have rolled out solutions that aid immunisation compliance tracking, compliance with time and visitor tracking restrictions and requirements and ensure aged care facilities are best positioned to protect all their stakeholders in this ongoing and evolving landscape.

If you would like to learn more about how Sine can help your aged care facility, book a demo today.