How often does your workplace hand out keys, access control cards, passes, or other physical assets? If this is done frequently, such as in the case of a high volume office tower or a large worksite or plant with multiple access zones, you will know that a lost key can be an expensive endeavour. How much does it cost your business when a key, pass or other physical asset goes missing? The cost of the time it takes an employee to find out the last known whereabouts of the key and chase that person down to get it back. The cost of the time it takes to find and organise a replacement if the asset is truly lost, and then the cost of physically replacing that asset, which may involve recoding security doors, changing locks and re-setting the security systems you have in place. There is a reason why many businesses now charge a nominal fee to encourage the safekeeping of these assets by their employees, contractors or visitors; the cost of replacing them is more than you would initially think and very quickly adds up. Key management is critical.

Introducing Sine, SCAN & TRACK

This is why Sine has introduced a brand new feature to their digital visitor management software. ‘Scan and track’ enables you to tag the keys, cards, passes and other physical assets you have that need to go out on loan. Once tagged, they can be allocated to an employee, contractor or visitor quickly, easily and accurately, saving time and giving workplaces the ability to far more accurately track their assets. ‘Scan and track’ decreases the risk of asset loss and thereby reduces the associated costs of these losses to your business.

Check-in | Auto assign passes to check-ins 

Keys, access control cards, passes and other such physical assets are tagged with a QR code, which Sine supplies to you in the form of a sticker or a key ring to be attached to the asset. These QR codes allow you to automatically assign an asset’s ID to a visitor profile once they have checked in using Sine Pro, simply by scanning the QR code of the required asset. Sine’s software will add the card, key or asset number to the individual’s profile automatically without either your front desk or security staff having to enter anything in manually.

Check-out | Auto check-out on return scan

When your employee, visitor or contractor are ready to return the asset before leaving for the day, it’s QR code can once again be scanned into the system, quickly and easily recording it’s return, with no requirement for your front of house or security staff to look up the appropriate records to perform the task manually. Additionally, when the asset is returned, Sine will also automatically sign your visitor out of your location as well, allowing them to depart with ease and saving them valuable time.

Haven’t had an asset returned? It’s as easy as looking the asset’s ID up in Sine to see who has signed it out, then contacting them directly via Sine through instant messaging, email or in-app notification, or contacting them via the contact details provided in their profile. What could be easier?