Does letting front desk know time after time, that a visitor is coming to see you in advance sound like bore? Emailing front desk their name, a time, your details every day. Then, front desk manually re-entering their details again and keeping lists and excel sheets? If this is familiar to you, then us folks here at Sine Visitor Management have got something for you to try.

This is how the magic happens at Sine: Simply set up a free trial account at and then when you invite your guests to come see you, simply copy Sine in from your favourite calendar program (Outlook, Google Cal, iCal). Use: [email protected] and magically all the meeting details will be sent automatically to your front desk, real time. Guests lists will appear at front desk from all the people inviting guests at your organisation. We call these people “Hosts”. The Hosts each have the ability to invite guests separately, so front desk is not left with the task of collating everyone’s invites.

Each Host also has their own website to invite guests too as an alternative to our calendar scheduler. Just goto and invite guests to your venue too.

Give it a try at and let us know what you think.