Just keeping you updated with the latest features hot off the press here at Sine HQ for September.​​

Geofencing enhancements

Sine Pro now allows you to move and refine your actual pin location on Google Maps within Site settings. This is useful if your actual location varies from your street address. Now you can also see what the geofence radius actually looks like compared to your Site location.​​

We have also released a new iPhone Sine Pro version here. It also has location-based improvements and enhancements.​​

Activity feed search improvements 

We have applied a deeper & faster search to your Activity feed so you can search for expired passes, not just active passes. This allows you to see results instantly with more accuracy and detail, a lot faster.​​

Host status

Your Hosts tab now lets you know which Hosts are invited, verified and active at your Site. This is useful to see Host engagement at your Site.​​

Green – Host active and verified
Orange – Accepted but not verified
Red – Invite sent

We also now let you send a reminder to your Hosts to get verified too.

Finally, Host Groups are also now displayed in the Invites view – useful to see which Host Group your Host belongs to.​​

Team reminders

You can now resend Team invites to your team members if they forget to activate their accounts. This makes it clear who has joined your team or needs a gentle reminder.​​

New instant support centre 

Our new knowledge base is now live and accessible right from your web dashboard and here. Get instant help to any questions with keyword search and useful articles/ how-to videos.​​

Lots more to come from us and we will let you know about some very exciting features on their way shortly.

Reach us anytime and thanks again for all your brilliant feedback…